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RE: Despite Growing Pains, Splinterlands Is Still An Amazing Game And Great Opportunity!

This is a superb write up and deep dive. You might be the best macro remote viewer there is I have ever seen in any line of work, this continues to prove that point. I too get caught in the frustration of some day to day things and lose perspective of things that may seem big are temporary fixes that simply haven't been addressed. The moon possibility in this game continues to grow each day they are around. It is a matter of time and being patient (while not easy-like growing pains) will pay off handily. That quote by yaba kind of says everything anyone that is concerned in the game needs to know.


thanks @cryptkeeper17... :D ... I'm glad you took the time to read my thoughts and hopefully these growing pains pay off in the long run with a major opportunity. While I think there are many awesome opportunities in life, I feel that having a proper perspective can help keep you balanced and from jumping opportunity to opportunity without making a good return on your investment. On SPL, we have both done well since we are here in the beginning, so its ok to book a little profit. But since you've heard enough negatives from me (pretty much daily), I felt it was time to write why I'm still here! Thank you for the nice compliment! And talk to you soon :)