Steemmonsters Full Season Earnings Report

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I tracked my Steemmonsters earnings for a week a while back (See Post) which made the entire game experience more even more enjoyable for me. So this time I decided to do it all season long...

I still play 2 accounts. The value of my main account is around 300$ with all but 1 summoner at level 5, while that of my alt account is worth around 100$ with all summoners at level 3. I tend to play them both at the same time and try to complete the quests each day (I only missed 1 of those on my alt account).

Reward Card Values / Earnings

Doing the daily quests is generally worth the effort as you always have the chance to get one of the rarer valuable cards. This was the case this season getting an epic gold Daria Dragonscale summoner worth 15.85$! I also managed to get 1 Legendary Sacred Unicorn and some gold cards. So overall I can't complain at all when it came down to the card rewards last season. in total, I managed to get 227 Reward Cards during the 15 day season. My main ~300$ account received 137 with the cards having a total value of 23.55$. My 100$ Alternative account received 90 cards good for 12.862$. (I did not have any potions whatsoever when revealing the reward cards)

Total Season Reward Card Earnings: 36.277$

Dark Energy Crystals Earnings (DEC)

I love the Dard Energy Crystal system that allows you to earn them by winning games. It did make me get a lot more Gold cards on my 2nd account as they are are not all that expensive when playing level 3 summoners to boost my Dec earnings a bit. I also received a +7% Dec bonus for being part of the Dec Hunters Guild. (Also thanks to some friends/guild members for having some useful cards leased out to me which certainly helps to get these results)
AccountDec Earned$ Value
Main Account ~300$7639 DEC6.707$
Alt Account ~100$5042 DEC4.427$
Total12681 DEC11.134$

I do enjoy the process of building my collection and getting higher up in the rankings (or at least remain where I am). I'm usually not all that willing to spend money on things like this, but Steemmonsters did succeed in this which makes me very much believe it can grow a lot bigger. Right now I continue to hold on to the reward cards and use the DEC I earn to buy cards I need to get stronger. Next time I will probably do an earnings report of an entire month of playing Steemmonsters.

If you want to try out the game feel free to use my Affiliat link and I will make sure to help you get started by leasing some usefull cards which will give an edge in tyhe early stages of the game.


Do i need to invest for play?

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You can currently test out the game for free for as far as I know if you login on the site but won't be able to do daily quests or earn DEC unless you buy a 10$ starter pack. So I'd say try it out and see how everything works and if you like it and want to share in the daily rewards get in on it. The good thing is that everyone always has the chance to hit rare golden cards on the daily quest rewards. If you want to get up to silver/gold league it will likely require investments leveling up the summoners.

Let me know if you end up testing it out so I can lease you some cards giving you a slight edge against the ones with just the basic cards. Feel free to use my link if you login for the first time. (that gives me more incetive to help you get up there :-))

Good Luck !)

But i already join there.So, unable to join by your link.

Playing two accounts must be tough especially before the new quest updates were added. Having your quest splinter always active has made it even much more fun especially for me since I am at work most of the time.

I still remember when you were not sure about the game and I messaged clove to send you a code. Now you are leveled up more than me.. Lol. Congratulations on your progress. 👍👍

Playing 2 accounts is actually quite convenient when having 2 monitors, also the shortcut of pressing the battle button the moment an opponent is found really speeds things up like crazy.

Thinking about it afterward, I really waited way too long to start playing the game because I was way too cheap to spend 10$ on it (back then I still valued my STEEM way more). The fact that the game got me to 'invest' some really makes me believe in the project. The 'pay-to-win' factor is just too strong and the fact that you are able to sell your cards back on the market (as long as there is demand) makes the step quite easy to get in on it.

Yeah. That battle shortcut was a revelation especially when you are sure you will win. Sometimes I watch to matches to pick up new strategies. I will be looking to play two accounts as well just for the extra dec and cards.

As an investment vehicle, splinterlands is perfect since the cards largely maintain their value. The team behind the game seem quite intelligent in both business and game development and knowing that my outlook is very positive.

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Wow, you did nice! I need to start tracking my exact earnings too! A Steem Monsters upvote is on the way!

Thanks @clove71, if anything I really like keeping track of the numbers. I plan on doing these on a monthly basis next year and hope to convince some more people to try out the game this way.

This is awesome for one season!

Simply based on THESE numbers alone, if I multiply the number of seasons in a year (approx 24) you get $1992! That's almost 2 GRAND! Just for playing your dailies?! And this, of course, is assuming you are getting an average of these rewards each time. Plus, as you increase your deck, you'll be able to earn MORE rewards... so this number is a low estimate.

Thank you so much for these stats! I love it!

It's pretty awesome being able to earn something while playing a game and enjoying it. I do believe the high returns will come down as we are still very early on. More people need to come in all the time to sustain the prices pretty much. Also, you really need to increase your collection constantly to keep up. It should be interesting to see how the game and the economics evolve next year.

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