Steemmonsters Full Week Earnings Report

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I have been enjoying Steemmonsters pretty much since I started out after kindly getting gifted a starter promo code from @clove71 (Thanks again!). Last week I took the time to closely track my exact earnings for playing the game for 7 days just to get a better grip on it. These are the results...

First off, I think Steemmonsters is pretty much the only project on the Steem blockchain that gets it all right. What I really like about it is that Code is the rule and there is no need for guidance while earnings are directly linked to the investment (along with skill) and nobody can take any of it away from you. This makes that it's hard to abuse or exploit it and if it is done, the code is to blame for this not the users. From what I know, bots were an issue early on which was fixed by introducing different game rules, afterward starter packs gave too much value which was replaced by getting cards leased instead without being able to sell them. This is how everything on the Steem blockchain should be as it brings about consistency which doesn't discriminate in any way or form and simply works. Feel free to argue with me on this in the comments :-)


What I personally enjoy the most about Steemmonsters is the entire meta-game its economy brings about. Buying cards with the speculation that they could increase in value, finding ways to play time-efficient while completing the daily quests, playing along with friends and making new ones in the guild helping each other out where needed,... Earnings are a big part of the game which makes it all far more interesting for pretty much everyone. Take that aspect away and I'm quite sure most would stop playing the actual card game. Since few games from 10 years ago are still around, it's unlikely Steemmonsters will be 10 years for now and that's fine and all part of the bigger game.


Smaller value collections seem to give better ROI which means that playing 4 accounts that have 100$ value each will earn a lot more overall compared to playing 1 account with a 600$ card collection value. It is easy to play 2 accounts at the same time which also easily allows card swapping between accounts building 2 collections which is what I (along with many others) am doing. I'm part of the Dec Hunters Guild which currently gives a +5% DEC bonus on all my games and usually try to get the daily quest over with as fast as possible to play a bit more for fun in case I have some capture rate left.

I try to balance 4 different summoners without having one that stands out so I rarely get in a situation where I'm stuck having to do a daily quest at a rank where I'm unable to get wins with them. My main account had a card value of 223.2$ which manages to grind Gold league most of the season, My Alt account has a collection value of 51.72$ which manages to grind out Silver League.

Collection Value Monday 28/10/2019

I played for 1 week without doing any transactions buying or selling cards and completed all the daily quests.


Tracking everything actually made the game more enjoyable and also made me find a way to play a lot faster (Click the battle button on top the moment an opponent is found which skips everything bringing you instantly to the next match)


Average Time Completing Daily Both Quests41 Minutes
DEC Earned 223.2$ Collection2680 DEC
DEC Earned 51.72$ Collection1661 DEC
Daily Quest Cards 223.2$ Collection44 Cards
Daily Quest Cards 51.72$ Collection24 Cards
Season Reward Cards 223.2$ Collection40 Cards
Season Reward Cards 51.72$ Collection22 Cards
Total Daily Quest Win Ratio124W-144L
Total Free Play Win Ratio44W-30L

Completing the daily quest along with somewhat rushing through it is sub-optimal when it comes down to win rate. The Gap between rewards on the more and less valuable collection is not all that big. This is mostly due to the fact that I have some Gold card decks which are cheaper at lower levels. Thanks to @transcript-junky for convincing me get more gold cards. Also thanks to @stimp1024 and @fullcoverbetting for having some of their spare cards leased out to me and @beat-the-bookies for also helping me a lot along the way.


The total reward card value at the current market price for a week grinding both Gold League and Silver League while also Getting the Season Reward Cards came down to 11.115$. I don't use any potions and managed to get 0 Legendary cards, 8 Epic Cards, and 3 Golden cards of which one was a rare with a 2.99$ value. The chance each day of getting lucky drawing Legendary or golden epic cards makes it quite fun even though those are hard to hit.


Collection Value Sunday 03/11/2019

Playing a week of Steemmonsters with 2 accounts and a total card collection value of 274.92$ (not counting some cards leased by friends) earned 4341 DEC (now worth 3.36$) and 11.115$ worth of reward cards. Including the Increase card priced fluctuation it adds up to +17.89$ which is an excellent return (+6.5% ROI) while having fun playing a card game. Keeping track of these stats during an entire week also made the game more enjoyable for me. If anyone is new to the game and wants to try it out, feel free to use my affiliate link and I'll make sure to lease you some good cards that will help you get started.

Let me know in the comments what your average weekly earnings and returns are playing the game...



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Dude. This post is awesome. In fact...

There's so much information!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Those are some interesting stats.

Keep up the great work!

Hi there! Thanks for the shout out! I am glad to see you are doing so awesome in Splinterlands!!

Thanks @clove71, I'm really enjoying the game. Great to see things are going extremely well for Steemmonsters. Looking forward to seeing how it will all grow the next couple of years. Keep being awesome!

Yes! The moment I heard about Steem Monsters- long ago....I knew they would be HUGE! I am an addict myself so I know the hardcore crypto gamer will LOVE it!

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Great post @constanza! Nice to see you have started writing about your game experience, and if you choose to do so, the income from this post (and hopefully potential follow-ups) can be reinvested into more cards. As I explained in my new post, published yesterday, I used the ~ 7.0 DEC of Steem I earned from last week's series post to buy another "Orb" pack and hit a "Corrupted Pegasus" (Legendary - Level 1 - ~ $13.49). Granted I always have BOTH "brilliant legendary" AND "brilliant gold" potions applied at all times, but the cost of those is reasonable when you hit those JUICY gold cards which give a perpetual "dividend" each time you win a battle using them. One specific suggestion I have for you is if you can save up ~ $6.00 USD to buy one "Furious Chicken" (Gold - Level 3) card you can throw him/her into most battles and get an "essentially FREE" 10% DEC bonus just for using that card. That's actually 3% MORE than our current guild bonus, and it is ON TOP of that! If you can't get the funds for the golden chicken ask around and it is likely someone will have one to lease you, or you could rent one. That could be one of the benefits of the guild, that we can lease cards to other members WITHOUT any of the additional rental fees, and also PROFIT from the DEC bonus (perhaps with the agreement that you would put, let's say HALF of the DEC earnings from the card into the Guild Hall, so the whole guild benefits . I don't have an extra "Furious Chicken" (Gold) card on hand right now, but if I did I would offer to lease it to you. I hope you will continue posting (perhaps weekly) as this is helpful information, and hopefully you will be able to upgrade some valuable/useful (gold) cards in your collection, and/or buy some new packs with the earnings from these posts, if you so choose...

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