Steem Monsters News with The Dragon!

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Hi everyone! I'm here as the Dragon today going over all the new Updates! Including Opening up packs!
The Steem Monster new site is up, it has lots of new features like designs and new sounds! What a great new site it is! I am also showing you how the cards look and sound when you open them up now! They did an amazing job getting it done and all right before Memorial day! Sweet! I love Steem Monsters...let's go explore it with The Dragon!
Join the Facebook Giveaway- This week sign up to win a Gold Foil rare medusa Card!

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Steem On!

Chris Love @clove71
Steem Monster Rep.
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Thank You @clove71 I just went over to Facebook to try and WIN Gold !


Awesome! I see that, you are now on the list there! :-) Good luck with that tomorrow! I will have the number drawn randomly and then set up a new poll for the next week's FB contest prize! You guys pick it, I just put up a few choices! Thanks so much for helping spread the news of Steem Monsters to get even more players in here. :-)

They did a fantastic job , I love it @clove71 ! Love your video ! and love all the awesome updates! I have actually had quite a few cards of all different types mostly level 5s on the market for a while now and have not sold anything!? most likely im asking to much lol! or maybe it will pick up soon , I need the money for rent badly hahaha , or I wouldnt sell! 👹😈👺😂💕😂


Thanks, yeah it is that time of the month huh, ughh! Most of the cards priced low seell pretty quick, I sold a few things I forgot what I had up lol but yeah there are some thing slow and some cards really high now! Good luck with that, maybe this weekend it will go up even more!


Thanks! i hope so!😬✌👌