[ Tutorial ] Howto Level UP your Steemmonster step by step

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Hi every body, today I would like to reviews howto level up to your steemmonster cards. (Step by step) Let's look below.

[1.] After you login to https://steemmonsters.com then click to "My Collection button"

steemmonster Levelup 1.png

[2.] Please select to your steemmonster card that you want to up-level. In this example that show "Giant Roc card"

steemmonster Levelup 4.png

[3.] Click a two small button that show in picture. If you want to up more 2 level, you will be select more than 2 slot.

steemmonster Levelup 5.png

[4.] Then you confirms information and click to combine button.

steemmonster Levelup 6.png

[5.] Press Ok.

steemmonster Levelup 6.png

[6.] Wow..!! my steemmonster card up to Level 2.

steemmonster Levelup 7.png

If you have question, you can comment in below this post

Good luck..!!

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