My First 24 hours with SteemMonsters

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Steem Monsters is a new card game coming out on the steem block chain. Much like any other card game, a Starter Deck and Booster Packs can be purchased to add to your monster collection. I am so excited to report that in my first day on being introduced to the game, I already have a booster pack and another card!

I found out about the game just a few days ago and here is what happened in only the first 24 hours!

I was in the discord channel for @steemmonsters, and for no reason whatsoever, except to be nice, @clove71 gave me a booster pack! Here are the cards I got in the pack and one of them is rare!


I am so thankful to have these as I am very interested in the game idea.I think it will help get more people here that might not otherwise come.

There are many giveaways cropping up all over the place. I really do not have the money to be buying anything for the game right now. So I posted a comment to a giveaway @monsterworld and won another card!

giftroc monsterworld.JPG

Currently the specifics of the actual gameplay are not developed, and for now you are only able to:

  • purchase cards
  • combine cards to increase their level
  • trade with others.

The development team is asking anyone interested to take part in the story development process! I joined the writing team for the Green Earth Element Faction and I have been writing for hours each day now. I have always been interested in how games are developed and this is a great chance to learn and grow.

I will be posting more of my thoughts in a few posts coming soon. I will still post my healthy food, travel, and San Diego posts, but SteemMonsters has really got my attention now.

Thank you @steemmonsters for such a great idea.

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I so happy to see this, son. I know you will be a great asset to the writing team.

Thanks mom!

Oh, very cool! Glad to hear you are getting involved...making this a community effort is a real benefit of blockchain based gaming.

Yeah, hopefully everything turns out okay. World building has always been very fun so being a part of this is no problem to me. Thanks for the comment.

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