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Official Monster Market Released

In case you missed it, the Monster Market was released yesterday and there has been a lot of activity and excitement already.

Of course, these past few days (including today) have been the busiest (and most overwhelming) days of nearly the past year so I literally have no time at all to look at the new market and play around.

Well, the saying goes, you'll never find time for anything, if you want the time you must make it. So I did.

Daily Market Listings by Card

I've started pulling in this new data and have put together an initial report of cards being listed on the market which you can see here: Listed cards

Now, these are cards listed for sale, not cards that were actually sold. That data is coming, and so much more, but I had only a few minutes to start looking at this and so this is just round 1.

What's Next?!

Well, I had initially expected the real market to completely wipe me out, but it's clear that @yabapmatt would rather focus his energy on more important areas so I will definitely be building out my market significantly.

I've been working on a bunch of things that aren't released yet and now that the market has launched I have even more ideas, but I'd love to hear yours.

Here's a quick list of things already in progress:

  • UI updates
    • Better filters
    • Sorting
  • Bulk buying
  • Bulk listing/de-listing
  • Bid market
  • Sold cards reporting

What else would you like to see? What is the Monster Market missing that you'd like to have available?

The prices in this market are all over the place so I want to get more reporting out to provide better visibility and ultimately stabilize this market. This is totally rudimentary and should be considered a first draft, I'll get far better reporting together soon.


Awesome... I was a little sad you said you were so busy but I should have known you couldn't stay away. haha

Here's what I had suggested for them for selling.
If you go into SALES MODE then you should be able to quickly type in prices for any of that card and quickly change prices as well.

So you have listing and delisting on your to do.
However a change price would be great which would delist and then list again at a new price.

And most people expect to have a sort of shopping cart experience for buying.

market  changes.png

Any way i'm looking forward to all of it together with the reports

I've already been thinking about how to handle prices of multiple cards and this is a really great approach. And the 'reality' of prices changes is an actual de-list and re-list of the card, but that's all backend so I can find a way to make it seamless on the front end.

And I'll definitely build a shopping cart of sorts to add multiple cards in a single transaction.

One aspect of shopping cart is the delay from the hopeful decision (putting in the cart) to the definite moment of a purchase.
Meaning that on your side you're gonna have to keep track of the blockchain and notify people when something in their shopping cart is now no longer available, shouldn't be too hard but does add a bit of complexity. That perhaps adds to a sense of urgency to a buyer. How the DEX handles who's first and avoiding a double entry would be interesting.

Also are you gonna add a percentage on top of the sales? I think with bulk listings and purchases you should expect way more large purchases. If you price bulk good enough they'll be willing to buy from you. If you add a price to every listing like .001sbd that could cause a bit less flexibility in the market but still could be nice also makes it harder to list larger amounts of commons perhaps. But still an option to look into. However don't forget you're gonna have competition one of these days.

Take for example the other day when i bought 1000 commons. If someone can list them almost faster than doing the off market trades (which still takes time and clicks) and someone can add them to their cart super quickly it will bring heavy traffic your way while monstermarket will continue to be used by people just looking to do a at most a couple. Actually the person I bought from had more cards but didn't want to sell them all because clicking on 1000 cards was too much work for him he said. haha

In almost every market people work to help stabilize pricing...
As in many markets what you'll see is someone will come in and want to buy every single common below let's say .07 cents. They will then list them all at .08 maybe a couple minutes later. That's pretty much how people make money in markets however usually it's longer term plays. But in general this sort of thing will lead to stability.

Then more cards get listed at .06 and that person keeps doing it until he's able to reverse the trend. That is exactly how a battle between bears and bulls goes down. You can see it most evident in the last couple days with the Flesh Golems. On some cards there just isn't much demand.

Anyway we should probably do another Steem Markets Panel show ... maybe tomorrow?

This is awesome! Thanks! :-)

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