Monster Market Data - Sold Cards!

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Sold Cards

I'm happy to say I was able to pull this data together quicker than expected so I now have some data on sold cards in the Monster Market!

Everything is still super rudimentary, but I'll definitely clean this up and get it in way better shape.

What Other Data?

What other data are you interested in seeing around the market transactions? Should I create a raw transaction listing?

I'm capturing literally all the @steemmonsters data and I can join it all together and do some pretty cool stuff. I'm going to refactor my database some more to create new indexes and tweak things a bit so we can really dive into all the data.

I'm interested to know what sorts of reports from all this data people would be interested in seeing.


This is fantastic! I was just poking around with getting some market data together recently also, but now with this, I can just use your site. Well done!

Thanks so much for your support! And this is just the rough draft, I'm gonna clean this up and make the data even more usable.

Giving you another full vote as this is awesome and deserves more love. :)

Excellent work @blervin, you are definitely on the right track of bringing the up to date market analysis of these! A concept that would be very cool, but also tough to track I am sure, would be average units/per level. Meaning a level 3 common is not the same obviously as a level 1, if there were some way to have a registered inherent value based on say the level one basic of each card, and have automatic divisions in the cost. For example lets say "Pirate Captain" has 25 level ones sell, plus 1 level two (0xp for sake of making it simple) plus 1 level three (also 0xp), and a level 4 (also 0 xp). The level two is actually 2 level one values merged, the level three is 4 (level one values merged), and the level four is 9 (level one values merged). To make a long story short if we could find a "price per level 1" formula, as this real total for this example, 25 standard level ones, in addition to the leveled up values 2+4+9=15. 25+15=

Total sales of (given card in this example) / 40 total (base) level 1 value sold = Y daily average

Separating the data based on level is something I wanted to do from the start. Unfortunately, that is not included in the sale transaction itself and must be 'pieced together' from other blockchain data so I'm still trying to pull that all together.

Wow that has to be a nightmare to come up with then, lol. Oh well, maybe it can sorted out better over time, that is definitely a good reason that is not included then. Great work, thanks so much for putting together a very nice outline of value in sales!

Great start looking forward to seeing what you have in mind for it. Hard to really consume this semi-raw data in a useful way. I'd go either maybe just completely raw data one line for each as a sort of block chain explorer i think people really like that and seeing names connected to them because we still have no idea what we're selling. Or go more in the direction of how you're going with 7 day totals or something like that.

I could probably combine these in a spreadsheet and start to use them effectively though... so it is pretty nice to have to see which ones have been popular.

How about some kind of history of a specific card by id, who traded it, and how much it sold for previously?

I've been working on a 'card explorer' that tells you all that and more!

Nice! The total market capitalization would be great.

And market cap is a great thing to watch, I think we might be surprised how big (and growing) that number is!

I'd like to see how many cards I've bought, how much I've spent on buying cards, and how much I've got from selling cards. A top buyer and seller list would be fun too.

Those are some great ideas, thanks for sharing them.

I have part of this already too:

The sales data by account will be fun.

I'd like to see accounts ranked by total card value.

That's another great one, on the list now!

Even in this simplified form it's awesome. I can't wait to see the additional features you layer on top though!

I appreciate that, more coming very soon!

Hey @blervin, Just wanted to say great work so far with the Steemmonstersdb website/database! 🔥

Thanks for that, it's been a lot of fun.

Good site!

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