Last Season's Reward surprise!

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Okay... I'm a touch late with posting this as the last Steem-monsters round ended a week or so ago... but I had meant to write about this pretty cool part of opening the seasons rewards! I had three shaky shaky cards.... and that means that something very nice is about to pop up!

Hmmm... the black dragon is pretty interesting... but I pretty much never play the Dragon Commander anyway, so that goes into my stash until I figure out what to do with it! Sell... or keep in my collection for a better time!

Another Gold Sea Monster is also pretty great! I already have one, so I'm just that much closer to leveling up a gold card! It's also a card that I pretty much always play, and as the Water Splinter is one of my favourite teams, it is a no brainer to keep!

However, the big surprise was the Sacred Unicorn! It's my first one of these, and the Life Splinter is one of my weaker teams, so this is a very welcome addition to the front lines of the White team.... So far, I've been playing it quite a bit, it is expensive in terms of mana, but it is nice to get some hard hitting tank action up the front!

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Congratulations in those great pulls. I'm hoping to get a few good ones next round. 💪

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It's been a while since I got lucky... So it was quite a surprise!

Cool cards! I too am collecting but I have not joined any battle yet🤣

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Ha ha! Isn't that what the cards are for?

You need SteemMonsters card from the Alpha and Beta collection?


Thanks, I'll take a look!

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