Gold Foil Beta Giveaway (Steem Monsters)

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Hello Steem Monster Comrades!

This giveaway is now decided, I am no longer accepting entries! Thanks everyone!

Today I have a great giveaway for you, a Gold Foil Beta Pit Ogre!!


All you have to do is follow these simple rules!

  1. 100% upvote this post
  2. Follow @larrythelion
  3. Comment your Steem Monsters username below!
  4. (OPTIONAL) resteem this post and follow me (@balticbadger) for more awesome @steemmonsters stuff!

That's it!

The winner will be announced 24 hours after this has been posted and will be selected by a random number generator.

Thank you for your participation!

BONUS!!! Free Steemmonster card for our #thelionsden discord members! Just resteem this post and DM me your @steemmonsters username!

-Must be within the first 24 hours of this post!!!

You will receive a level 1 beta Sabre Shark

More about @larrythelion

Please see the original post here.

Lion’s Den was Created (by @cryptotash101) to make transitioning into the Crypto-Space much easier and effortless . As a individual plankton or Minnow within the the ecosystem, it’s tough to stay motivated to learn & earn with limited Resources . So we’ve created a new Outlet to form a collective effort of Community growth within the Steem Ecosystem !

(What are Lions ?)

“Lions” are the Builders & Creators of the Lion’s Den Ecosystem .
Each member is responsible to do his / her part to keep this ship 🚢 afloat.
(What does Lion 🦁 Stand for? ⬇️)

(N) - NOW

(What is the Mission ?)

The Mission is to create a platform connecting like minded Steemians through Mutual interests & Collective brainstorming. Through this process Each Lion will become apart of a collective unit , no longer an individualized source .

(What’s the Plan ? )

While growing within the Steem Ecosystem together , we will launch 🚀 additional features & services to create this platform as a one stop shop for Lion’s & Steemians to take part in such as (but not limited) to E-Commerce , Gaming , Trading (Multiple instruments pairing physical and digital assets for exchanging &/ or Bidding)

🌟The Overall ending product will be a Creation of a Virtual Reality World Bringing the Governance of the Ecosystem & the Free Market back to the PEOPLE

We have lots of giveaways, an upvote bot, @steemmonsters raffles, and much much more!

Please vote for @petertag as witness. He is a great up and coming coder who genuinely cares about the Steemit community. Please let me know if you have any questions.Vote here!

Join the Lion's Den Discord Server by clicking on the image below and follow us @larrythelion

Lion's Den Discord


followed , resteemed and upvoted with 100% VP.


Thanks for GF..



followed, upvoted and resteemed

Upvoted and Followed


I invite @reconnectnature

Following, upvoted and resteemed!


@wilhb81 Following and upvoted

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Followed and upvoted.

Done all. And a member since long ago as you know. Minimining

Nice giveaway !


Voted, resteemed and following you ;)

Best Regards.

Following, upvoted, resteemed and my SM name is @azalealife

Followed, upvoted, resteemed and my SM name is @motherearthist

Upvoted, resteemed, followed. My SM name is @aykaco

Following, and upvoted! Awesome opportunity! Thank you. @ironshield

Followed , Upvoted and resteemed as well ...


Done ! Followed @larrythelion , upvoted and resteemd .



Following, Upvoted and Resteemed...


Following, upvoted and RESTEEMED!

followed , resteemed and upvoted

follow, resteem and upvote for sure, dude!

sm-name: @flamo

Many thanks for this giveaway :)

Upvoted, followed, resteemed @courtmaker thanks!


did all steps ;) smile

Sorry, this contest is closed! I will edit the post to show that!

Sure, next time :)

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