Step by step guide of SteemMonsters for beginners #Part 01.

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Hello Steemians

Hope, all are okay.
and I'm also good.

In this post; I'm gonna talk about steemmonsters which has been almost the favorite thing of many steemians like me.


Many peoples still don't know about it and a friend of steemit told me to do a tutorial post for this and that friend is @mediawizards.
I'm gonna show a proper way of how to engage with the game.

Before all of this...
Just keep it in your mind that if you wanna play this game then you'll need to invest 10$ in steemmonsters which is compulsory and i thing you'll not regret investing here cause you might be able to get back your 10$ in two days like I did. I'll talk about this below.

So, let's start it step by step...

1st Job:
Go to the official site of steemmonsters.

Visit Steemmonsters - Official Link.

2nd Job:
Login into the site with your steemit username and private posting key as password.
You don't need to give your master password or active key for this which is a great way.
Don't know how to find your private posting key?
See this link to find your private posting key

3rd Job:
Now when you're logged into the site; you can buy, sell, trade, see almost do everything except playing unless you buy a starter pack of 30cards which worth 10$.
You can pay 10$ through Credit Card/Paypal and Visa, Mastercard. AmEx, Crypto (Steem, SBD, BTC, LTC, ETH +more).
I did it with around 28steem and got back 10% bonus as SP.

Let's show you how to buy the starter pack.
Go to the buy option through the official link of steemmonster that i gave above and don't forget to log in.

Then select the method that you want to pay with and do the rest on your own as i don't have anything with it.

That's it.
If you come to this little moment; that means you're in.
Now you can see what cards you got into your collection.

It's the end of the tutorial for today and I'm gonna come with another post where I'll give little tips about the game and how to hop into the discord server of steemmonsters and how to get upvotes from steemmonsters.

Visit Steemmonsters - Official Link.

That's all for now. I'll come with an interesting post again.

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"Be Good, Think Good and Do Good"

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Good tutorial for beginners!

Thanks for the nice comment and for the click.

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Thanks bro I will buy then I will ask you next steps. Thank you soo much!

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It's a pleasure.
And i hope you'll log in only with my given link.

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Yes ofcourse bro. I will......

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