The Golden Dragon - An Original Poetic Story for Neoxian's Super Awesome Fantasy Steem Monster Writing Contest!!!

in steemmonsters •  5 months ago


The Golden Dragon wisely stands
Through the time of burning sands

Keeping his breath for the last
So many times win in the past

The battle awaits once again
@SteemMonsters are causing him pain

So legendary battle begins
Warriors prepare for sins

Who is going to stand at the end
The Dragon or you my friend

This is tough to predict
How many packs did you flick?

It is all about what you hold in your hand
Commons, Rares, Uniques, Legendaries? What is your brand?

The Golden Dragon Rules them all
He wins all battles , never fall

So use him wisely when you need
He is your best chance to succeed

By Angel Veselinov

Here is my Entry :) I hope you Like what I did there @neoxian ... Sorry for the short format but that is how it came through.

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Cool, nice entry, I have read it. Thanks for your poem!


Thanks for the inspiration :0 I have been away the last week and have been finding it hard to make a post out of too much offline work :)


Lovely entry my friend


Thanks ;) I am glad that I was able to participate with some poetry thanks to @neoxian once again. I will have to write one probably for the boss :P at one point when the game starts :)

I liked your poem, you got a lot in there and it all flowed very nicely. A pleasurable read. Good luck on the contest.


Thanks we will see how it goes :) Well I ain't having high expectations on the contest :)


Just have to wait and see, so far of the 4 I saw, I liked yours the best, but I am not a judge, and there is a pretty wide range of talent on steemit, and everyone wants a card.LoL :-} He may end up doing a couple who knows.

Even if it is only a regular card and not something special, people can always level them up, or use them to trade for other regular cards they might not have.

I didn't know anything about this game until I read this poem. It is cool and mysterious - ;-) - like some clues left to obtain some treasure.


Well Thanks Man . I guess you will be the newest member of the Poets United Steem Monsters Guild :)


kkk maybe I will.. does a player need knees to participate? Because after a bike ride yesterday, I suspect I have no knees left... I went from feeling them, to wanting to remove them, and this morning it feels like I got my wish because I see! them but I can't feel them. Seriously though, I assume it takes some surplus crypto to invest?


Well not really much actually it depends our account will have most of the cards at some point so you can play with them :) that is the beauty of the Guild and the Guild Account we already got 3 legendaries which is awesome considering we have invested in 5 packs in total