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RE: Splinterlands: Monster 3000 DEC, 1 booster pack, and 1 orb give away plus tips and bonus prizes!

in #steemmonsters3 years ago

As a blind person, I can't properly comment on artwork :P (so I guess I can't participate in part 1), but I like your tips, and Swamp Thing as a card. Upvoted and resteemed.


Oh you are participating weather you like it or not in part 1 lolz, how about your favorite name of a card. When people say golden brownie it sounds like a yummy snack and since Im such a fatty that wins for me,wwwwww!

Haha that was funny! When I first ran into the card name "Brownie," I thought of the snack too :P .

But I'll still stay with Swamp Thing, because I remembered that when I heard it for the first time (back when the cards didn't even have stats yet), I thought "Swamp Thing" was a generic placeholder name and would be changed later! What was my surprise when it didn't... I think it's kind of funny because it still sounds like a placeholder name :P .

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