Splinterlands: Monster 3000 DEC, 1 booster pack, and 1 orb give away plus tips and bonus prizes!

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welcome to the end of the month Monster give away. I will be giving a way 3000 DEC, one booster pack, and 1 orb, and a lot of smaller bonus Dec prizes. I decided to have three winners instead of 1 so I will randomly pick 3 winners, one for each prize and if you are really lucky you might win multiple prizes. Before we jump right into it lets announce yesterdays winner. Congrats to @armymalaya, 234 DEC already send buddy. Please read below for entry into each of the three prizes.

To win the 3000 DEC- comment the card with your favorite artwork.

To win the booster pack- Re-steem the post and mention it in the comments

To win the orb simpley give this post a upvote and mention it in the comments

A comment with all three entries should look something like this
(SHADOWY PRESENCE is dope upvoted and resteemed)


Todays Tip-1 or 2 mana cards

Today's tip have to do with maximizing your low mana cards. These cards when used to their full potential make all the difference in your DEC. there are about 20 cards with a Mana under three . Some of these have some of the best damage to mana ratio and others have ability that belong on 4 mana cards. Lets look a couple of these cards any you can apply the basic principles with all the low mana cards.

This is a life card with 1 mana and at level four it give all your cards plus one speed and all mele cards plus one damage. If you get mele can attack from all positions or mele sneak rule set you have just gained up to 6 mele damage points per round with i mana and increased speed which not only might let you go first delivering a fatal blow before you enemy but also increase the chance of a miss my melee attacker


Card 2-Swamp Thing
I chose this card because it is also in the earth splinter and can be paired with the above card in certain situations. Swamp thing reduces the enemy's health by one and has a large amount of health considering its 2 mana cost. This card is key in the rule set that reduces health after each round by two for no flying monsters. At level three it has 5 health and the ability mentioned above their for it can last 3 rounds and the reduction in enemys health combined with two health tax after each round this can win you the game. At level 4 it also lowers enemys speed by one which is just a cherry on top.


3rd and final card- PIRATE ARCHER
This is a 2 mana ranged card with blast and at level 5 it has a total of 3 damage including its blast. This card is not amazing but with the 2 mana 3 damage it is a solid card how ever this card goes into beast mode in conjunction with a couple other cards. pair this card with a ELECTRIC EELS which has reach and blast along with the king himself, RULER OF THE SEAS(also a high damage blast card ) and boom you are melting away the first half of the enemy's deck in just one or two rounds. This set up works even better on the rule set of all ranged cards have snipe because the blast will hit the card to the left and right doing double blast damage and almost for sure earning you a W.


That is all folks all winners will be picked on the 4th or March os see you then.


The lord of Darkness card.

yeah and it has a somewhat generic but cool name

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re-steemed and voted, just cus

favorite artwork would have to be the new feasting seaweed. I grew up in lake-country and the vegetation in the water can get pretty tall in some places. Freaks out the tourists pretty nicely. mwahahahahahaha

just cus lol thanks for your support

I like the Brownie and the artwork is great!

yeah and the name is cute too

I LOVE this post!! Awesome! Good luck with your season ending!

Personally its feral spirit, although Fire Elemental has great artwork .

Upvoted and resteemed ! <3

yeah over all I agree with you, fire has some of the best

I upvoted and will reStream. Also I love the art on the pyromaniac card that is new

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thanks for you support my friend, good luck.

Oooooo a golden BROWNIE

yeha I know how cute lolz

Upvoted and Resteemed. I like diamond dragon. Reminds me of yugioh.

yeah thats so true I didnt even think about that, good luck buddy

Thank you @threejay for yesterday giveaway..

For today, CORNEALUS has a great artwork, upvote & resteem

thank you for your support and good luck with this give away too

thanks for your support and good luck

The wood nymph looks super cute.
Upvoted and resteemed.

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yeah I agree she is the hottest lolz., smash!

Gold Brownie
Upvoted and resteemed

thanks for your support buddy and good luck

Swamp thing would be my fav

swampthing is def a cool card, good luck my friend

I like PIRATE ARCHER I use whenever I can

yeah he is an under used card that has some power

I like the Shadow Presence and the artwork is great!

yeah it would be cool if they made a entire splinter like that, ninja style

I upvoted

And my favourite card artwork is Screaming Banshee

But I don't know if you meant skins aswell, because in the Whole Splinterlands this is my FAVOURITE Artwork
The Gold Dragon Skin !
Also I love the Alpha CARD design around it :D


these work too, the range earth self healer has a really cool skin too

I like the Shadow Presence

right, its very different from the rest

Dark Haón

yeah and that card is good also, thanks for the support

it's a toss up between the Gold version of Luminous Eagle or that Thunderbird. Both just look sweet in gold

indeed i like thunderbird myself but the gold version really makes them pop

Screeching vulture upvoted and resteemed

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as always thanks a million and good luck

Shiny DIAMOND DRAGON. Upvoted. Resteemed.

Unicorn Mustang =)

As a blind person, I can't properly comment on artwork :P (so I guess I can't participate in part 1), but I like your tips, and Swamp Thing as a card. Upvoted and resteemed.

Oh you are participating weather you like it or not in part 1 lolz, how about your favorite name of a card. When people say golden brownie it sounds like a yummy snack and since Im such a fatty that wins for me,wwwwww!

Haha that was funny! When I first ran into the card name "Brownie," I thought of the snack too :P .

But I'll still stay with Swamp Thing, because I remembered that when I heard it for the first time (back when the cards didn't even have stats yet), I thought "Swamp Thing" was a generic placeholder name and would be changed later! What was my surprise when it didn't... I think it's kind of funny because it still sounds like a placeholder name :P .

Spirit of the Forest (alpha). Upvoted and resteemed.

yeah the alpha version is really cool, thanks and good luck

Sexy Wood Nympho. Upvoted & Resteemed


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shaaaawing, lolz


I love the goblin mech because of the little driver. So cute!

Screeching Vulture is my favourite. Upvoted!

Long live steem monsters! Done upvoted and resteem..

thanks for your support and good luck

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Upvoted reateemed also

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