I'm asking for help. Please vote in this twitter poll! Ken gets a monster tatoo!

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Its good for the block when Steem wins this kinda stuff. It's a small thing, but I'd really like to show up God's Unchained! Won't you help? Please vote for Steem Monsters.


Take a screenshot, put in in the comments and I'll raffle some gold foil cards to anyone that votes and shows it.

EDIT 3/2/19- Please note. Anyone that votes for anyone will be eligible. I'm not requiring the people that will get in the raffle for cards vote for Steem Monsters. I just hope you will.


One "The Peakrider" gold foil now, please! :-)))

Kenn ₿osak™💭 on Twitter   My next  blockchain game   CryptoTattoo should be    .png

I hope this works. First time for everything

Done and doing well at 60%, unless things fall apart SM should win this.


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Voted for #Steem Monsters

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If I win, please send it to @cadawg :)

Hope SM takes it!

Kenn ₿osak™💭 on Twitter   My next  blockchain game   CryptoTattoo should be... .png

Steem Monsters is wrecking havoc in that poll!

Nice rallying of the troops :-D 50% now
Hopefully, we can choose which one he gets. 'Lord A' all the way :-P

Only one spot for it ;)

It is the minimum we can do to propel ourselves more and more. Congratulations we keep first

Hello @aggroed !
I hope it is ok when I make suggestion for tournaments in this post:

In my opinion it is not the best way to decide about places trough difference of winning or something else, f.e. when tournament (like often) has 12 prices. It means that from them who lost in round of last 16 four get price and four not.
I have two suggestion for improvement, what you think about:

  1. Why not make additional fight between this eight, just best of 1, who win get the price and who lose not.

  2. Another idea: Why not to share the pricepool for all ? F.E. instead of 1 Steem for 9-12 price will be 0.5 Steem for 9-16

Another possibilty would be just to make prices in power of 2, means 8 or 16 prices, so this problem would not exist.

Would be cool to get feedback from you, thank you very much in progress.

Steem Monsters it is! 😬



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This isn't a vote for Steem Monsters!

Well...the post is confusing...he didn't say vote for steem monsters...others got it like that too..

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Why would the creator of Steem Monsters want you to vote for anything other than it?! :o Context is really important!

Sorry...to late...

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I wasn't like that from the beginning...
The post was updated, cause others was making same mistake..

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Damn, you're on a roll, aren't you..


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Another voting where STEEM takes the lead :) Have you seen this one?


Been done for days :D

Been a recipient of MSP for months now, I wish I could do more for you. Thank you @aggroed and to everyone behind MSP. =)

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I'd like to help but I have been banned from. Twitter for suggesting to Jim acosta he should learn how to code....

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I may not be playing Steem monsters but I know how great and helpful it is to the Steem blockchain. Voted for it, commented, and retweeted.

If I win the gold foil cards, then that would be the start if my Steem monsters quest. Thanks @aggroed.🤘🤘

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STEEMMONSTERS the best!!!! image.png


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hi @ravanen
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you lost over. 3.00 - 0.55 $ = 2.45 $

this bot bought your card - @mys

it's an a mistake and you want to claim or report

please contact @mys or report about this bot here https://discord.gg/CAFJRjY



Hopefully he follows through. I say Kiara Lightbringer would look good on his arm. Lol

Good lucky !


Ass or nothing!😂

Photo Mar 02, 00 35 06.png

Looks like we're winning!

No problem. You should really try to rally the troops and blow this out of the water. Just sheer numbers of people since I'm sure a lot of the people voting for the other games would have an interest in playing too if they see it winning by a landslide.

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Voted for Steem Monsters. We are still on top


Just voted

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Voted !!

Voted (off course) Don't manage to paste a mobile screenshot but you can find it here :-) https://photos.app.goo.gl/32zBh3dagy65kpzv5

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My vote for Steem Monsters.
my vote SM.png

Voted. GL - looks like you got this!

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For my experience the STEEM community always win :D

Absolutely crushing it as usual. Steemflex!

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This is mine

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This is just awesome and fun haha! I've voted for Steem Monsters, let's gooooo!

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Let’s get this trending!!

You didn't vote for Steem Monsters! :P

Damn it .. can't change it.. will get to my bf's account lol

done.. damn that was stupid.. not to self: don't do these things at 4 am :-)

Hupsakee naar bedje toe jij!!!

Oh my god I must have tapped wrong.. its night time shouldn't do that at these hours haha . let me see if I can change it..thanks for mentioning it :-)

Nice sneaky edit of the original pic ;)

Its not sneaky when you can read what happened. Sneaky would have been if I deleted the comments ;)

PollSM.jpg All done, good luck everyone.

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It’s looking good for SM!

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I wish you good luck :D

We are in the lead!

Looks like Steem-Monters is well ahead.

Ready, I also warned the team to vote