About to break the 90 day high of the Steem Monsters marketcap. Pack sales on steem-engine.com

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So, in the Steem Monsters discord we have a bot that calculates what we call the marketcap. It takes the lowest asking price of a card and multiplies by how many units of that card exist and sums that up for all the cards. The argument isn't that it's the best or worst way to keep track of the true value... it's just 1 consistent number that we use to track how card values are working.

That chart shows that we're just below beating the 90 day high price from back in December. That's a great recovery especially since bitcoin hasn't really started it's recovery yet.

The trend is your friend and that trend looks great! I'll keep buying, I made $100 renting cards today, so that was cool. It's a pain in the ass to rent without the market, but when that gets here I think there's a lot of passive income to be made and apparently I'm not the only one who sees that as a possibility! Clearly other people dig this, have faith in it going up.

Steem Monsters Tokens on Steem Engine

3 Steem Monsters related tokens made it into the top 9 most traded tokens on the dex today.

SMALP brinign in $72, Alpha packs are worth $2.34 right now and selling on the market, and Beta packs are currently trading for $1.40.

If you have extra packs and want to sell them convert them to tokens and trade them on steem-engine.com

If you have extra USD and want some packs go ahead and get some packs and any extras you can convert to trade for Steem!

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Holy crap.

I like the look of that chart!

You were talking on the MSP waves show that I was listening to, about being able to buy packs with a credit card and turn that into steem. I'd love to listen to that again. Is there a link to a recording of last night's show so that I can listen again? I'm trying to understand the procedure.

I also have some gold foil cards to rent/delegate and I'm not sure how that would work until a mechanism is set up to be the trusted middleperson so the renter and rentee both get what they expect from the deal. But it's a brilliant plan to do delegation/rental of cards and I look forward to being involved in that!


Markets are coming.

If you click on open packs there's an option to turn them into tokens. Then you can list them.


Thanks for the reply!

I'm looking forward to the rental market. And I didn't know about the option to turn packs into tokens; I'll check that out!

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Thank You @aggroed I am Just Grateful that an Old guy Like Me can Play Steemmonsters 24/7.........

I am not sure what to make of that, it has to be a good thing, what efforts to market steem monsters outside of the steem ecosystem are there?

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I am just learning more and more about this.
Great to see! Thank you!


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Where can I find this Steem Monsters tokens directly each, links, please?