50 esports teams form on the Steem Blockchain!

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I have a few basic principles that I operate based on while here on Steem.

People are the value.
Be dependable.
Help other people make money and I'll make money.

Those are my stand bys. What I really like about guilds is that they help other people and their money. Right now in this very first version they aren't making money so much as saving money because the quest lodge can reduce their costs, but in the future with things like drops and special cards and whatever else me and Matt can think up these guilds will provide real revenue.

We've talked about a crafting/mining expansion and there's a small chance we may even see it before the end of the year (still tbd). But I can imagine instead of individual whales owning all the stuff it'll be guilds. They'll be able to produce things that other players want for their decks and if the things are scarce enough you might not be able to get it anywhere but the guilds!


Where that leads me is that guilds are going to need guild points that they can distribute to players and players can later spend for things they want. I'm really excited about this opportunity because it's a nice blend of two of my babies: Splinterlands and Steem-Engine! So, I'm happy about the 50 teams that have formed. I'm happy to start a journey to tokenize guilds! I'm excited for what's coming.

I hope you are too!


While I'm here. I should add that I'm also really excited by something that @tcpolymath has been working on. He's got a thing going that's called Heron's Unlimited. Players with cards they have, don't want to sell, but also can't play can rent whole decks now!

  1. Have a deck
  2. Talk to tcpolymath
  3. Delegate cards to an account he operates
  4. A player comes along who wants to play the deck
  5. They play, all card earnings get nuked, and the DEC is split between owner and player

If you have spare cards you can get passive income. @nealmcspadden did some math on this and found that his really efficient DEC farming teams were earning ~30% annually on his capital investment.

That's insane! It's hard to share how insane that is! If you don't know much about finance it might be hard to appreciate it, but it's a crap ton of money.

Hell, I was happy with the cards I was renting through peakmonsters and getting 15% apr on them. That's a better return than my credit card company gets from me!

Back to principles

Anyway, I like to eat my own dog food here. In this case the business strategy is to help other people make money by playing a game. I'm playing my game and the cards I own are approaching $1,000/month paid in Steem/sbd/DEC. It's a great passive income and it supports the ecosystem!

The last thing is that I feel like I'm responsible for part time work with this thing too. I have 9 heron's decks out there, and I'm helping players earn with it! Last question to me is will the Heron's players ultimately convert over to their own decks? Time will tell.

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If you're looking to play a silver-level deck for a share of revenue, we have several available now from Aggroed and a few other people. Come to the Otterworks Discord to apply for one.

It will be more by the time I set everything up the way I want! :)

Herons Unlimited had been awesome for me so far, with 2 decks running at the gold league. I do hope my players are reinvesting their earnings into their own deck/cards and grow together with the game.
Soon, when more people get to know about herons, I might request to rotate players for my decks so that more players can enjoy the fun of playing high level deck and earn some money at the same time.

Greetings, @aggroed

Excelent, man!!!! I love this decs idea!!!!

#spt #battle #palnet #steemace

Fun fact: if the 50 teams that have already formed wanted to get to level 10 guilds, that alone would consume more than the entire supply of DEC.

no disrespect but those are not e-sports teams.... but i get the idea! :) the hype is real. would love to chat to you at some point! :) i have a domain to transfer your way.

I have a couple of heron accounts. Fantastic service. I very much hope to see my players move up, either by playing well enough to secure the use of a Diamond heron deck or by saving up their earnings and building their own collections.
Also @contestkings is the best guild. All the others can bite me.

Nice job being a part of this game has been a lot of fun. It has been fun to watch it grow. keep up the good work.

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Sounds like you've built a great ecosystem that really leverages the abilities of groups to share resources.

I'm an introvert so not a big fan of teams but I like all the info on ways to use your cards for good and not evil..

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Awesom post, loving the guild im in Knights United I think we are in level 10 , its pretty cool!!👍👍👍👹😎🔥

@aggroed, Tokenization of Guilds sounds effective step and one thing is awesome and that is, development and additions to guild is happening quickly and it's exciting. Keep up and good wishes from my side.

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Every day more news and it gets more exciting! Truly a great opportunity for those looking to engage further with the potential of this protocol!

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I don't need to buy more packs... I don't need to buy more packs... Oh come on @aggroed, you're not helping!

Hi, @aggroed!

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I've been thinking of this since I saw the Guild concept's coming.
The guild should be a home, a sanctuary that empowering players to reach their best form.
Some things like wealth distribution need to be addressed on Splinterland, and Guild would be the best bridge for that!

Can't wait for this update from you, you and Matt has done really, really well for DAPPS community! 👍

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