Opening My @Steem-Monster Pack From @doctorcrypto

in steemmonster •  5 months ago

Yesterday I entered the Steemmonsters Catch Phrase Contest where we had to come up with a catch phrase for Steem Monster cards and won a @steemmonster booster pack. Thanks for the cool contest @doctorcrypto. Below is the entry that won me the pack.

Allow me to break the ICE and then your BONES !

I will be opening it up in this topic.
I have no clue what is inside yet so we will be finding out together.

I ended up with three Rare cards in one pack and
( Cerberus) which I think is one of the coolest cards in the deck.

Let me know what is your favorite @steemmonster in the comment section and I will give out a 15 post resteem subscription to one random entry. I will assign each of you a number and use a random number generator to pick the winner.

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Don't know anything about steemmonsters so can't say anything :(


Its a digital card game that hasn't launched yet that seems like it might be the next big game. Some of the cards are already worth hundreds of dollars.


Wow..that's amazing :)

Clever catch phrase. Congrats on the win.
The booster is pretty good. You got 3 rare cards! :)


Thanks !

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Thanks !