First opensource Steem Mobile application - eSteem, available at Google PlayStore, Amazon AppStore, and soon Apple AppStore

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Hello Steemers,

Hope you are enjoying latest development from team as I am, dedicated profile pages, reputations, and many more exiciting new features.

Project eSteem aims to bring you same joy at your finger tips with Mobile device oriented development. First opensource Mobile GUI, gives you flexibility in terms of, if were to go down or become inaccessible for some reasons, you can change server/node in Settings and keep on Steeming. App comes with support for Phones and Tablets.

Apple App Store

Almost a week now, I have been engaged with iOS review team, back and forth. It might come today or over the weekend. I didn't wanted to hold off any longer as I was getting more and more emails and comments about updates.
Regardless of Review result, development continues and if more improvement requested by Apple, this shall be done as soon as possible. During review time whole week, I have made number of new updates, so as soon as first version is out, next update update will be sent to review again to keep flow consistent.
Once app is available you can, Search "eSteem Mobile"

Android Google Play store

Search "eSteem" or follow the link below

Amazon/Kindle app store

Search "eSteem" or follow the link below

Windows phone app store

Update will follow for you guys but if you are user, comment below to let me know that there is an interest.


Project is opensource on GitHub, and I welcome anyone to contribute to the project.

Are you concerned about your private key or password?

App will connect websocket by default and Settings page in App offers user to change their connection server if user so wishes.

Since this project is open source, everything can be tracked and double checked.

  1. check for source code.
  2. download app on Android or in iOS on your device.
  3. iOS users can get ipa file with iTunes or iTools, Android users can use APK download from Google Play.
  4. once you have *.ipa and/or *.apk files, rename them to *.zip file, wholah you got yourself project files. you can check www folder from archive and www folder from github. They should be same with respective commits.

So yes, your private keys and password is safe and it is cleared out once you logout.

Have you missed evolution of app?

Checkout app release posts

  • current post Steem Mobile - eSteem release 1.0.0 (version 1.0.1 or 1.1.0 is already ready to be deployed, but getting some testing would perhaps increase the chance of finding more bugs)
    note: this initial version of eSteem is preliminary version and voting, reading, commenting possible, improvements are made for all those functions.

  • Steem Mobile - 0.0.4

  • Steem Mobile - 0.0.3

  • Steem Mobile - 0.0.2

  • Steem Mobile - 0.0.1

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Feedback and contributions are welcome! Join Mobile development and give project full steem ahead as Platform evolves. Test app and leave comments below what you think can be improved, what confused you, etc.

Any Support is greatly appreciated, Upvote and Engage in conversation if you have any questions, concerns.

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~ Feruz / @good-karma


Great job man! Thank you for contributing to the community. Did you build these with swift/java or did you use some cross-compilation library?

I'm trying to get into mobile dev for steem as well and interested in your toolchain.

Thank you @rampant, Project is hybrid and opensource, feel free to contribute. In short I use ionic with angularjs, nodejs, cordova which gives flexibility and ease long term development.

@good-karma, I did a review of the new and updated eSteem Android app. I love it! Thanks for creating such a wonderful app. There are some things you might want to check.

Thank you for this @cjclaro, very helpful.

thanks sir, l am download in play store

a million thanks for informing this... will get it right now...

let me know if there is any feedback...

Looking forward to this! Found this App in the Steem It Forum! thank you! Following you also!

It is already available to test out! Thanks for follow, watch out for more updates in coming weeks, every week, I hope to publish updates.

This is fantastic. I was hoping for a Steemit app to use on my phone when my laptop isn't available or I'm at work and can't pull it out to use it. I'll go download it tomorrow and if I noticed anything that might be an issue, or just a positive review, I'll post another reply. Thank you for your hard work!

Thank you @anarcho-andrei, let me know when you have some feedback or comments.

Is this available on the istore?

It is on review, as soon as it becomes available I will post update note, and it will be available as eSteem Mobile.

Awesome. I have followed you and will look out for the new post.