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Good Evening Steemians tonight I wanted to present more build documentation for my aquaponics system.


I had to change out the vortex filter barrel with my rain barrel. I'm using 2" pvc to enter the barrel from 2" uniseals I bought from these folks . There is a pipe that leaves toward the biofilter at the top of the barrel and the input from the fish tank at the bottom of the barrel.


Here is the view from outside of the barrel to show the input and output pipes.


I also started to create ribs for the greenhouse to prepare for season extension.


Using a tube bending machine I bent some 1&3/8" chain link fence top rail using 1&1/2" rollers. Using a crescent wrench I progressively tightened the screw as making passes with the rollers.


To create more surface area for bacteria to thrive and filter the water from solids that have escaped the vortex and biological filter. I added this media bed flood and drain system with a 30gallon tote. I put 2x4's on the bottom of the tote to span the sump area and support the tote. I used anthoer 2" uniseal to penetrate the bottom of the tote and inserted a 2" standpipe to keep the water level just below the top of the pea gravel.


To create a passive flood and drain you need to create a bell syphon. This is done by creating a pipe with a larger diameter with an end cap to start a differential pressure and begin the syphon. This is a 4" diameter pipe to go with the 2" standpipe.


I drilled 1/2" holes in the bottom of the 4" pipe to allow the water to flow into the bottom and keep a seal up unto these holes where the syphon will be broken.


The bottom of the tote was filled with larger diameter lava rock and the top of the bed with smaller pea gravel. I used 3 .5ft^3 bags of each type of stone to build this bed.


Here is a picture of the media bed after completion. I added 2 2x4's on both sides of the tote to hold the tote in place and give it structure.


Thank you for your time if you gave this a read!


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How much blood did you lose to mosquitoes while you were taking those pictures in the dark?

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At least a pint..... :( I don't even really notice anymore. I probably have 5 different viruses and malaria fighting each other keeping me alive at this point.

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