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I'm trying to arrange a meet up at the O2 arena in Greenwich in January or February 2020 would you be interested there's a nice place where we could meet up chat eat as much as we like for only £15 and I'm going to be paying for four people first come first serve basis the London tokens are available on steem engine what I'm thinking about doing is trying to arrange meet ups all over the UK the first places will be around London then maybe Essex or Sussex I think that we should all come together and we will be a lot stronger together and be able to onboard a lot more people just by meeting up and sharing our experience on other networks I believe that we could have a much stronger UK community I'm trying my best to onboard as many new people as I can some people just don't understand how steemit works or just don't believe that you can get paid for sharing content but I was the same when my friend first told me about it but I done my research and see that he was not lying and I've been here ever since


I'm up for a London meetup. Let me know the details when you get it arranged. @adetorrent and a few others might be interested in meeting up too.

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