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Have you had a chance to check out Steemleo?

This is quickly becoming a very powerful tribe on Steem that is packed full of valuable information. I love how it showcases the intelligence that is compiled on Steem and how we are able to put our talents up against most on the net.

For those who are unaware, Steemleo is a tribe dedicated to investing. Being on Steem, it is not surprising that a great deal of the posts pertain to what is going on with cryptocurrency. This is one area that I feel we excel simply for the fact that anyone who is on here already has knowledge in cryptocurrency. We are already involved with it.

Essentially, when looking for quality content, this is a tribe that has it.

I am big on projects that are targeting large potential markets. Since it is focusing upon the world of investing, I believe this site has the ability to really draw a lot of attention. As I stated, when it comes to this arena, the knowledge is there.

To me, this site compares to one that is well known among the investing community: Seeking Alpha. That site is dedicated to putting up posts by people by people working within the world of finance along with those on the outside.

While this is not the best known website in the world, or anywhere near the largest, it does get a lot of traffic.

Here is what they had to say about it:


They have 15M visitors a month. Wouldn't it be nice for Steemleo to tap into half a percent of that?

This is a site that is dedicated to on-boarding users at a pace that makes them contributing Steemians. The goal is not get hundreds of thousands of visitors who simply sign up and disappear. There was a video that was put together by the founder, @khaleelkazi, describing the intention of signing up hundreds who are trained about the ins and outs of Steem.

This makes a ton of sense.

What is very telling is the price action on the token. Many tribes saw their tokens introduced and dumped. This continues even after a couple months. With Steemleo, this is not the case. I watched it since they went live and, for the most part, the token waffled between .09-.11 STEEM.


One of the reasons for this could be the tight distribution. There are under 5 million LEO available with over 500K burned. This leaves an open market of 4.2M, more than half which are staked. This is a terrific breakdown which should, over time, help to maintain buy support.


I do like the methodical approach that is being taken with this project. To maximize the value associated with it, the token distribution is being altered with each burn. That is a benefit to anyone who stakes the token.

Personally, I set up a different account after the airdrop to curate content. Since that time, I earned about 5% more LEO than I originally had. I make sure that I use the full 20% LEO VP per day.

As most know, I like the approach of @spinvest with the idea of "getting rich slowly". It seems that Steemleo is following a similar course, plodding along at a pace to ensure a solid foundation is in place. The market might explode on it but the idea, for now, is to keep progressing one person at a time.

If you have any areas of interest related to investing, I would suggest using Steemleo. Almost daily I am sending out an article from the site to my friends who are into investing. Over time, they are going to get to know Steemleo even if they do not realize it.

Ultimately, we could see Steemleo become a resource for investing especially as it pertains to cryptocurrency. Obviously, most of us feel that this market is only going to grow over the next few years. Hence, as more people are entering, they are going to be looking for answers to questions. Providing that information can be vital. As people write more articles about all the different crypto opportunities, we are going to see a nice database forming. That will end up, at some point, on search engines.

With so many projects thrown together, it is easy to miss those that are thought out and have a plan.

Steemleo is one of them and I recommend everyone give it a look.

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Fully agree, our of all SFW tribes, I think leo has the best idea and approach so far...

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Investing tribe. Maybe take a look.

I’ll check it out.

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I enjoy using it for sure although I am more of a consumer as I have gotten to creat content on investments lately due to the busy schedule! O will though once again!

I've been writing on Steemleo as much as I can, so far it's one of the few tribes that is trying to develop a solid base and a good cashflow plan that will buy and burn the token, which is something that I don't see on many tribes, most tribes don't have any plans, they want to "empower their communities"... try to empower people with a ever depreciating token, let's see how empowered they will fell.

Another one which I have my eye on is STEM, I still need to do more research, but from my brief, very brief, read into the project, they might attract the userbase of hackernoon and it seems they have some good ideas similar to steemleo to appreciate the token... but like I said, my research was very brief...

Never heard of seeking alpha but 15mil Page views is a pretty decent haul, plus with a high concentration of investors brands would be losing their mind to do things like ads and sponsored content because the engagement rate is high and the niche is what they would be looking for, which could bring some outside cash into the network

I love leo and try to contribute weekly

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