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RE: Introducing the Leo Bid Bot Sink! | Delegate & Earn Passive LEO Each Day + Help the Steemleo Community By Burning LEO Tokens

in #steemleo4 years ago (edited)

Great post which lots of cool information.

Not for right now but as my account grows and i get more investors, the time will come and i'll be knocking on your door asking what sort of ROI would delegators receive?

Im loving this steemleo website and i pretty much only run my account through it while using steemit for my personal account. Well done on all you hard work and efforts so far.


Your project is gonna be a hit and we'll be waiting to answer when you come knocking ;)

We appreciate it, thank you for all your continuous support! We are all building something incredible here and it's a great time to be alive 🧡

Thank you for the nice word.

And i 2nd, its a great time to be alive :D

Trying to get that Leo count up for you, fill that wallet fat 😉

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