@spinvest-leo weekly update #4

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This week has been a cracker for the @spinvest program, and this LEO account is no exception. We introduced an SPI token mining program, based on LEO delegations in last weeks update. This post gives the first update on how that is tracking.

spinvest - growth.png

Firstly, the numbers this week.

spinvest-leo update 4.JPG

Our best week so far with an increase in the account value of 86.155 STEEM. This is a very pleasing result, aided by an increase in the LEO/STEEM price, and an increase in delegations. There has been some discussion around the funding method for the SPI mining rewards, and I would invite all interested members to read the comment thread between @shanibeer and myself (@jk6276.leo) on this post and add your preferences here.

SPI Mining:

This feature will add significant growth to this account, and is tracking very nicely so far. Here is the chart I am using to track each members delegation and earnings:

Delegation tracker October.JPG

Remember SPI tokens earned this way will be issued at the end of each month. They are calculated based on the delegation active at the time of my report each week.

Question's for discussion:

  • Should @spinvest-leo buy the SPI tokens from the market for rewarding delegators? (keeping the LEO account fully self sufficient)

  • Should we consider expanding the delegation offer to other tokens? I am thinking NEOXAG or PAL as most LEO posts also contain these tags. The Neoxian curators have supported our recent posts, and would be a good fit for us I think.

I'd love to here from everyone in the comments what you think.

Cheers for now,


@jk6276.leo on behalf of @spinvest


Thank you for posting from the https://steemleo.com interface 🦁

Spinvest - Leo buying spi from the market makes sense to me anyway lol

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It is cool that you try to build an investment club.

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It is pretty cool, very cool :)

And we are not trying to build an investment club, we have already done it. Come and join us my new friend

@spinvest-leo accounts for around a quarter of @spinvest's earning's.

Great work as always my friend.


That's interesting, so 20% plus another 6% or so from the @spinvest.leo account?

Very good to see the progress. I'll be very happy when we have enough weeks information to start mapping a growth chart :)
Is the total correct for last week's steem value column?

Your right, that total is incorrect, 😜 I'll fix it when I get home from work.

I'll work on some charts for next week's update. 😁

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hehe - arithmetic, eh ;)

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Could you guys make a Leo voting bot?

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