DWD: Drugwars Dollars: New data points

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I did a deeper research into the metrics of drugwars dollars... and with some help of the secret service I could analyze the data... ..all the data required can be found here:

What is very important to understand now is, that if you look at the yesterdays rewards number this is the total amount of DWD that are newly minted that day.

If you look now on the right side info about daily rewards you will find this:

so how does 917.33 and 17.38k add up? Not at all.
DW team described some time ago that the fighting rewards are more or less a function of how much of the total population (different destroyed units are weighted by a supply multiple due to the price of the units) are destroyed by a single fighter. According to that the DWD battle rewards are distributed.

How much? Simple maths: 917.33 total - 332.58 daily - 498.87 heist = 85.88 DWD battle rewards yesterday.
Today however DW team seems to have nearly doubled the battle rewards to 35k (up from 16.55)!

So that means apart from someone throwing some nuclear warheads (not yet implemented.. ;-) ) there will never be a huge portion like 75% of the battle rewards being distributed on a single day, but more or less a separate battle reward pool that growth everyday until one of the big gangs will decide to tap it by attacking another gang face to face for a monumental fight...

This also means that daily inflation until yesterday was limited to below 1,000 DWD / day or below 350,000 DWD / tokens per year or at the current price of around 0.03 this equals 10,500 steem.
(This could possibly double if the current higher battle rewards rate is maintained and someone clears the whole pool in a few months)

So the current DWD metrics look like this:
Max supply ......................9.93 m DWD * 0.03 steem =.300,000 steem
circulating on market =..............381.5k * 0.03 steem =..11,500 steem
circulating in game =.................1,820k * 0.03 steem =...54,600 steem
total circulating =......................2,201k * 0.03 steem =...66,045 steem
yearly inflation (atm) =.................350k * 0.03 steem =...10,500 steem

and there is more:
look at the burn pending and burnt figure... it seems as if in game spent tokens are burnt! Not sure at all if this is correct, but its the only thing that makes sense to me...

so please everyone make up your own mind.. I just want to help you to get the data you need for your decision making! No investment advise! Crypto / Tokens have a substantial risk of going to ZERO!


@solarwarrior, Drugwars slowly becoming the Point Of Discussion and it's good to see. Good to go through from this data and analysis.

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THX for your reply! I am happy to see that it is of use for steemians and that actually there are people reading it!

Welcome and always there will be someone who have time for your content. Have a great time ahead.

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Thank you for taking your time and making a post with such detailed analytics. Beside our upvote, drugwars account has re-steemed your post for more players to see, and I will call my pet bot to award you with 1 DWD token. Just be careful. You never know if my pet is going to be naughty or nice, so take his words with some humor and enjoy your token!


Wow that's quite the analysis. You really dug deep into understanding the DWD metrics. Nice work!
I'm sure the information would be very helpful to investors.

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Have you talked about this to DW developers/founders?

I am sure they will read it and consider if useful.. actually I believe they are taking all our feedback much more in consideration then we all believe...

actually I believe they are taking all our feedback much more in consideration then we all believe...

and just for that, you get another DWD token, keep being smart! ;)


“Let’s share… You’ll take the grenade, I’ll take the pin.

Here is 1 DWD for you.”


Every time again you get me reading your analytics with an open mouth :)
What I would like to know is: how much time does it take for you to make these. I could imagine you do this in some minutes but it's so hard to believe for me :)

Great work again!

Thanks for this!

hmm... what should I say.. ;-)
actually it is not so complicated if you are used to economics and numbers in your daily life... ;-) happy if my input helps some steemians or maybe even the game developers to make this all a notch better...

is anybody still playing dragwars?
But as a speculation token very interesting.
Thanks for your info post!
cheers 🤠

THX for your kind reply

Another thing I just saw - perhaps it was announced but I did not read it:

The safe capacity went down with (wild guess) about 20%!!!

Thanks a lot man. This is some valuable info. Retseemed and followed :)

THX a lot. Happy if this is useful!

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Nice analysis and I must really say you must have spend a long time digging out this information

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I love Drugwars

“Everything you need to accomplish your goals is already in you.

Here is 1 DWD tokens for you.”


Drugwar of the good days then. Never knew why the sudden fall down

!bookkeeping drugwars

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