A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words (or 2,500 points on the S&P 500)

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Sometimes all you need is a picture to get perspective on something. I share with you a chart of the S&P 500 showing the last ten years and a highlight on the points and percentage return attained over the past ten years.

Whao Momma that is a hell of a run...


The blue highlighted range with the data tab give you the info.

I'm not saying the market should be not be up this much. I'm not saying it is, but at some point something has got to give.

Prices can't go up every single year when they are doing so at a 30+% clip year after year. What is justifying 30% growth year after year?

Sales growth? Earnings growth? Economic growth?

On a whole none of those things are running at that clip. There are companies here and there that are doing it, but not the vast majority.

Buy low sell high, right? There is slim pickens on the buy low side right now.

I'm hoping the market is still near highs come the summer as I will be real tempted to put on a short position that runs into 2021. Random bet you could say.


It's been one hell of a ride, however there is still punch in the bowl for now.

Yup, we have atleast 6 more months or juice...maybe more.

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