Invest on Promising Projects || My Scot Rewards Update

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While let us move onto the segment of SCOT REWARDS. Yep, things are bursting on Steem-Engine and the tribes are one of the reason for it. If you are not yet serious about it then you are probably missing a lot of excitement. Do give it some thoughts and make your move before it's too late.




Most of the tokens are rounded up, as accurate as possible.

Token NameAmountStaked AmountMiners

Curious how much I have staked in those accounts ;) Do check it out, you might get some surprise !!

Note: I have transferred most of my Tokens to differnt accounts given below. So the amounts that I am receiving are by posting contents and curating with the small amount that I have in my account (rehan12) and some are by Miners as well.

  • Neoxag transferred from rehan12 to rehan-ag
  • Pal Transferred from rehan12 to rehan.pal
  • Spt Transferred from rehan12 to rehan.spt
  • Leo Transferred from rehan12 to rehan.leo

The only reason for creating these accounts are so that I get to cover more users, I would have preferred any other way but as of now this way seems to be the most effective one and FYI I am just curating from those accounts, so no posting is being done for now from those accounts. This is being done due to the Voting Power issue. All the rewards from those accounts will be dealt with my way. Hopefully I will be able to curate much more Steemians this way, which I have been doing for some time. All the curations are done MANUALLY. For now I am just thinking of Staking the tokens that I have and

That is it for today and as like I stated keep growing your stake as things are really getting interesting for us all in the coming days and who knows what we will achieve with the tokens that we are holding.

Join an Amazing City of Neoxian Tribe
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Join Steemitbd (Bangladeshi Community)
Steem username: @steemitbd
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Steem username: @steemsavvy

Have a Pleasant Day Everyone !

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Thats good hehehe..

AWESOME! You are earning very nice but stingy to give SPT votes xD

lol Ikrah I hardly see your post but I am quite certain I do visit your blog ;)

It is important to focus on the tribes you really like otherwise you are going to burn yourself to spread on too many of them. ;)

Haha will remember that buddy btw handling as much as possible from my end ;) Thanks for the tip btw ;)

My pleasure. :)

Cool.. I need to look your tag also

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