I'm now a millionaire

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Ever wanted to be a millionaire?

Most of us probably have dreamed some times about "how it feels to be a millionaire" . At least I did.
Today I got to taste this :)
Yes, today I crossed the edge of ONE MILLION.
Tokens, that is. AFIT's tokens from ACTIFIT app.

Not that I am a sportsmen, a trained athlete, or anything even close. No, I'm a regular man, a 65 year old pensioner, who just enjoys trying new Dapps.
Actifit is one of them. Besides the tech curiosity, it also gives me a tremendous motivations to move every day, which are so much matching with all my doctor's recommendations. Moving, walking daily is much recommended to someone like me, who got a heart attack and stroke, a few years back.
So I installed this app, got FITBIT's smart wristband (Charge-3) to simplify the task, and got moving.
Trying to reach 10K steps at least five days in a week.

But ... Your life is to short to collect 1mln tokens just from daily rewards. Even the most active and creative Actifit users usually get far less than 100 AFIT's reward per day. The name of the trick is DELEGATION .
By delegating (your steem voting power) to this app, your can grow dozens, and hundreds times faster.
I have delegated a large part of my SP for quite some time.

What these tokens are good for?

Not very much for the moment. They are not open for a free, open trade. All what is possible to do now, is trade up to 20 AFIT's into Steem upvotes, on your Steemit Actifit reports. So every 3-4 days I get an extra upvote worth of ~1.1 Steem

But I have a strong feeling, that the future will bring many many more use cases. Or at least, I will be able to trade them for other tokens, or Steem, when the flush-gates to Steem-Engine exchange opens.
And rumors say, it will open this summer, most likely in Q3.

Daily rewards, besides your step count, report creativeness, and how attractive it is - also depends on users RANK. Mine today is one of the highest, 74.5 .
And it helps quite a bit

I hope in just one week, after 4 more successful Actifit reports, It will go up two more, up to 76.5
As I will reach my 120 total reports.

How the rank is calculated?

Some people ask me sometimes, how I get the RANK so high.
Well, there is no secret. Rank has several components, and everyone can see, what they exactly are, for any particular Actifit user. Just go to http://actifitbot.herokuapp.com/getRank/steem_user_id
Replace the last part of this URL with your particular ID. Or your rival, if you like. :)


In any case, I recommend to keep your eyes open on news from ACTIFIT.
They have now the most (!) used TAG on Steemit, the #actifit is #1. Their user base count is constantly growing. And devs have quite a few big announcements getting ready, as I understand.

In the recent hype of new exiting SE Tribes poping up every day, I expect ACTIFIT definitely will be not an outsider. Just a little bit more patience.

Get your ALT shitcoins flushed, Steem undelegated and enough liquid tokens ready for trades, KEYCHAIN plugin installed and pre-tuned, ALT account's on steemrewarding.com prepared.
Have your mind as sharp as you can, and well tuned for important investments.
Steem is just like a TRUNK-of-a-TREE. This tree will have numerous big, powerful branches
And you want to be at the right time, and in a right place, and ready, where a new branch is forming, to grow fast and BIG.

A big times in crypto investment are just comin'.


Please do not see this (all above) as a formal financial advice.
Not, this is just a personal subjective rant, which I often also say to people around me, in the off-line world.
A rant from a three year steemian, and old man, who's addicted to cryptos since 2012.


Man, you are truly a millionaire. Just wait for it to launch on the steem engine

Wow! Great job on so many actifit coins!
I have like 140,000 And I thought I had a lot! You got a lot more. Lol! I'm so excited to see where it goes I feel it has serious potential indeed.

I have a meager 750. So far from a millionaire like you. Congratulations with the achievement.
It look like you can trade AFIT-tokens on Steem Engine as well: https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=AFIT

Yes, the trade is possible. The only big limitation yet is - it is not possible to transfer AFIT tokens from Actifit wallet to Steem-Engine DEX. But the gates should open soon.

Still pretty darn impressive never the less! 1 million tokens is no easy feat, lol I’m here still trying to get 50k SPORTS which I think is still possible for me!

I also recently got a Fitbit to make my actfitting easier and take it a little more seriously! I told myself I would earn back the price of the watch over time so hopefully I’ll get there eventually

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I can confirm that wearing Fitbit smarband is so much more convenient. No worries on battery drain ( can recharge it once every five days), no chance to forget to bring your phone wherever you go. Sometimes it is not even very easy and simple to carry phone. Depends what you do.
All I have to remember now - to sync thew phone with my smartband at the end of the day.

Well done but almost useless having all these AFITs as we can't do anything with them except exchange a few for an upvote every four day's or so from our own delegated steem power. I've been using and supporting actifit since it's first week and over a year later still can't exchange AFITs for fitness related item's or trade out for other crypto etc as is the main thing for the token. Every time they come up with a time line for implementing things it gets longer and longer. I really wanted to be able to bring other people in to using actifit as I like what is ment to happen though since we can't do anything with these tokens yet it's hopeless as people want to be able to use the earned tokens. I hope the usability of AFITs happens soon as you can't string people along much before they will start to give up. I love the actifit concept it just needs to be fully functional now not months later.

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That all seems true in a short perspective. But I know one secret word:


Yes we need patience though people will only wait so long. How long is short perspective though as this is waiting over a year now it makes it difficult to promote actifit. I do think the extra time taken will end up being better in the long run providing it all happens.

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I hope the team will make something with the token value!

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That's an amazing achievement you have been continuously working on that and have achieved the greatest thing well deserved congratulations : )

Woow.. So happy for you.. I would love to earn so much from actifit..i will keep trying and for now, I hope you will help me earn on SPORTS.. THANKS FOR YOUR LOVE SHOWN

This is my .sports alt-account. I just took care of it :)
Upvoted automatically from steemrewarding.com

Happy for you... I "only" have over 211k AFIT tokens. One day they will buy me Tesla Model 6, haha!

Wow thats really cool. You just showed the correct example of "hard work pays off". Congratulation.

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