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Well done but almost useless having all these AFITs as we can't do anything with them except exchange a few for an upvote every four day's or so from our own delegated steem power. I've been using and supporting actifit since it's first week and over a year later still can't exchange AFITs for fitness related item's or trade out for other crypto etc as is the main thing for the token. Every time they come up with a time line for implementing things it gets longer and longer. I really wanted to be able to bring other people in to using actifit as I like what is ment to happen though since we can't do anything with these tokens yet it's hopeless as people want to be able to use the earned tokens. I hope the usability of AFITs happens soon as you can't string people along much before they will start to give up. I love the actifit concept it just needs to be fully functional now not months later.

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That all seems true in a short perspective. But I know one secret word:


Yes we need patience though people will only wait so long. How long is short perspective though as this is waiting over a year now it makes it difficult to promote actifit. I do think the extra time taken will end up being better in the long run providing it all happens.

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