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RE: Can we automate everything and go for eternal vacation based on our future Income from Cryptocurency?

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I think it's funny how people run around claiming AI and robots will be the end of all jobs and everyone is going to become unemployed. If no one makes an income then why do we need robots and AI to make anything?

Just because you can't imagine what future jobs will be created once we have more time and are required to do less dangerous strenuous work doesn't mean everyone will be jobless.

My favorite example is look at influencers, content creators, and professional gamers. How many people would have imagined those would be well paying jobs in the future, or even a small side hustle? I still remember my parents tell me to get off video games and go do something productive for the day.

I don't know if it will be as easy and sit back and collect a paycheck, but I look forward to the day when people don't have to risk their lives and their health working in dangerous industries.


The problem is that most of us are risk-averse and pessimists by evolution. Abundance created by the human civilization is quite new. Our brain have not evolved to grasp the power of tech. We already have all the technology and productivity to serve all human beings lavishly. The problem is that our mindset has sill to reach there. The question is which will evolve first- the breakout technology or the mindset of abundance.

I think the main problem is most of us are very wasteful. :(
Humans turn lush tropical paradises into barren deserts, our main crop is grass and our main transportation expense is probably depreciation. Plus I think we waste about half of our food in America give or take.

I'm going with technology over mindset all day.

After a few years working in industry, it's incredible how hard it is to change the culture of humans.

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