Can we automate everything and go for eternal vacation based on our future Income from Cryptocurency?

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Is crypto-utopia even possible in near future?

If you have watched the movie Wall-E, you may remember that humans live in post-war Utopia like space colony where everything is automated by the robots. Humans there enjoy eternal entertainment and as a result, got obese.

Let us do a thought experiment, you have managed 10K Steem. After 10 years one Steem have reached a floor of $100, similar to BTC's floor of $7500 (??). You are practically millionaire and earning $20K a month by automated curation or delegation, . Even you don't manage your income from Steem chain. A personal DAO manage it, it send crypo-money to your mortgage company, it pays all your bills and it orders all your needs.

Your wealth keeps growing since you spend less than you earn. You don't need to.

You are living a life like on a Venus project but at a personal level. You live in a smart home where everything is automated: room heater to cooking system.

Your robots do your cooking and serve you lunch or dinner.

You have automated drone taxi service that can transport you anywhere in the world with the help of hyperloop train.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Imagine when you return home, the home welcomes you, it lights up with your favorite color, plays music according to your mood and keeps temperature to your liking.

You basically contemplate on the Universe's origin, alien's life and inter-stellar travel whether it is possible in your own lifetime. May be you are obsessed with upcoming immortality or singularity.

Current Automation technologies

Source: Wikimedia Commons

These kinds of automation technologies are already here. In near future, Asimo like robot butler may cook your food, collect your cloths for laundry, play with your pets and whatever you want him to do.

The issue that robot butlers of si-fi are not already not in our home is due to lack of mechanical intelligence. Software based AI is already pretty intelligent. Conversion of AI to mechanics up to human level has been quite challenging. It took years for Honda to make walking robot like Asimo. However, with exponential rise of technology, robot achieving human level mechanics are within in decades reach.

How will life on Steem chain will look like then?

Imagine a bot who can understand creativity and meritocracy of a steemit post and upvote accordingly. It is your curator bot.

Bots made of your personality will walk through posts of your liking, summarize it, read it for you with the future version Amzaon Alexa or Google Home. You don't even have to open steemit webpage to comment, our bots can do all the comment in steemit for ourselves.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

It is not the distant future, it is already here. A scientist have taught Amazon Echo using machine learning to read the abstract of papers about AI from a scientific paper repository [1]. Gentle Bot and Things-2 bot already walk through the comments in steem-it and upvote good comments.

With recent news of Google's AlphaGo AI beating World champion Go player and OpenAI beating the greatest Dota2 player, there rise a question what else AI cannot do? Self-driving cars are already hurling in our roads.

Bot traders outnumber human counterparts in stock exchanges. High end manufacturing jobs are dominated by Industrial robots. AI have invented their own language.

Robots can cook. Robots can do farming..

Finally, unfortunately both immortality and singularity have not arrived in your lifetime, then robots will be your funeral priest.

Disclaimer: This opinion is not a financial advice, it my personal perspective and opinion. Please seek professionals for financial decisions.

Image sources: Most images are open sourced (e.g. Pixabay, Wikimedia etc.) with Creative common license. Some images are used with due courtesy to respected owners.

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Meaningful work is good for you.
A life of forever vacation would destroy people.

AIs can only deal with the predictable. They cannot deal with surprise, which is the most important stuff.

Godel proved this mathematically almost a century ago.

The theme of the movie Wall-E was exactly this: life without work could be harmful (obesity) or boring. However, most of the people are not working for meaning but for money. Interestingly, financial independence can help people to find meaningful work too.

Interestingly, financial independence can help people to find meaningful work too.

Exactly. Work that provides no payment is often the most essential/meaningful.

I decided to "automate" my trading for tonight in case you want to do some bidding. lol You might have a chance for once. ;) lol

Let us see ;)

I think it's funny how people run around claiming AI and robots will be the end of all jobs and everyone is going to become unemployed. If no one makes an income then why do we need robots and AI to make anything?

Just because you can't imagine what future jobs will be created once we have more time and are required to do less dangerous strenuous work doesn't mean everyone will be jobless.

My favorite example is look at influencers, content creators, and professional gamers. How many people would have imagined those would be well paying jobs in the future, or even a small side hustle? I still remember my parents tell me to get off video games and go do something productive for the day.

I don't know if it will be as easy and sit back and collect a paycheck, but I look forward to the day when people don't have to risk their lives and their health working in dangerous industries.

The problem is that most of us are risk-averse and pessimists by evolution. Abundance created by the human civilization is quite new. Our brain have not evolved to grasp the power of tech. We already have all the technology and productivity to serve all human beings lavishly. The problem is that our mindset has sill to reach there. The question is which will evolve first- the breakout technology or the mindset of abundance.

I think the main problem is most of us are very wasteful. :(
Humans turn lush tropical paradises into barren deserts, our main crop is grass and our main transportation expense is probably depreciation. Plus I think we waste about half of our food in America give or take.

I'm going with technology over mindset all day.

After a few years working in industry, it's incredible how hard it is to change the culture of humans.

Interesting idea of how Steem could generate an income based on automation. Don't believe that it could keep it on an economical level but automation, AI and also blockchain technologies are changing and influencing part of our lives and we will see where it will lead us.

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