Mr.SteemPower Launched! Buy Steem Power With Credit Card

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We are launching MrSteemPower which will enable people to buy Steem Power w/ a credit card.

Here are the advantages with buying SP w/ Credit Card:

  • No need to buy Steem/Bitcoin or crypto to Buy SP

  • You will get TWICE as much as you pay in SP

  • Future Delegation to Fiat program - you’ll receive fiat in return for delegating to our customers ( coming soon )

In order to test this out we’ll be giving out 25 SP to 5 testers who go ahead and fill out the form.

It is all in “test mode” and not “live”. Use the following credit card to test and pick “Test Package”.

Put in the Card #: 4242424242424242

Make sure to put your SteemIt ID so we know who to send the 25 SP to. It is good for one month and will be sent 24 hours from this post. Any questions just ask below. Thanks!


Good project idea!

Thanks @syedumair we got your entry & test.

Great idea ! it is always frightening to give its card number to an unknown company !!! the test is working.

Hi, @chrisaiki yes, thank you for testing and ofc we'll have to earn everyone's trust for sure.

Entered the test. Once this goes live will you open these rate for everyone if you run out of steem power to delgate? I am interested.

Hi @marki99, yes we'll be opening it up for everyone once we run out of SP and will look to the community. But, first is to get service out and running. I suspect 2-3 weeks.

Great initiative, however the form doesn’t display well on mobile and I had to force it to the credit card entry screen. And I’m not sure if the credit card entry worked to be honest. A button to move to the next page didn’t appear for the page prior to credit card entry.

Thanks, @tubcat for letting us know. We are already are re-designing it all based on feedback. Yes, the last person we got was 3 hours ago.

I just tried it, using your test card number. I think, definitely its concerning to give the real card numbers, instead, you may integrate with third party payment providers, who are established in payment industry.

We are integrated w/ stripe payments.

I gave it a shot, got the:
THANK YOU For your SP Purchase! Back to Mr.SteemPower
confimation message. First try I had to go back and click on the package after getting an error, but then it worked. I just used 123 as the code and I already forgot what I used for the name. Oh and I picked December for card valid til date.

Thanks, @shadowmask for testing it out. Strange about the error for sure. Yes, you could make up anything for the name, code and expiration. Thanks for doing that.

I don't understand how to access the test
where should i buy?

Hi @exe8422 you would go to the website here and fill out the information to the end. It is all in "test mode" not any "live data" at the moment.

The 2 times I provided this gave me an error, I hope you can continue with your project

What is the "error" you are getting? can you take a screenshot of it and post it?

oh now it worked

Excellent! @exe8422 the delegation should kick in shortly here. Thanks for testing it out.

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Ok, hopefully it worked somewhat.

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