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RE: My Letter to @themarkymark - in response to his continual flagging of my account, and not hearing about my STEEMLEO block from anybody!🖖

in #steemleo4 years ago

may i suggest since you have a shit load of BTC, trade it for steem and get addicted to the little green upvote button ;)

fk you just might make bank as an author too if you wrote about stuff others are interested in


Hell no! Come on Now, then I would not have any hope! Look how good btc did today va steem? I quit downvoting, instead I just send links! I’m getting better at controlling my temper.
What are some topics others would be interested in? I need ideas?

i usually like real stories about the person themselves i.e how someones doing in crypto for instance. what their doing hows it going, making money / losing money / plans etc.

fk knows i kinda change from day to day what i like lol

send me a link

That is exactly why I won't invest any more, for one thing I am plum out of ideas!
Secondly you sound kinda mean dissing me telling me I am uninteresting, that is not what this post is supposed to be about. Turning it around on me, eh! I only blog about what I know, and right now all I know is I need to work on getting these flags to go down a little. Then maybe my mind can rest and start thinking again. I'm a no good writer, and most topics on steemit have been exhausted 10X by now. Blogging on steemit is more like flogging a dead horse! lol jk!

I have a hurricane hitting right now, I gotta go, thanks!

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