Everything you need to know about the Untamed Kickstarter

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A new Podcast has been made by @jarvie and @nealmcspadden for Steampeak, about the Splinterlands Kickstarter. They discuss in detail the kickstarter packages and inclusions.

Since this was recorded, and by the time I have this summary post out, ALL of the higher limited packages have been pledged and are unavailable. Also, pack pre-sales have begun on Steemmonsters site, so you don't need to participate in the kickstarter to get in for the first airdrops.

Here is the full (1 hour 50 min) podcast if you have the time, if not, read on:

Already funded in the first 2 hours. The goal funding has been exceeded already.

The Kickstarter campaign is more focused on the physical products: Stickers, T-shirt, Book, Physical Cards - at least 59 increasing as the kickstarter hits certain levels.

In the kickstarter is mention of some of what's coming. Land expansion, boss fights and so on, as discussed with @aggroed in the last Podcast.

You can find my summary of the last podcast with @aggroed at this link

Here is the link to the Official Kickstarter campaign

Untamed is over 2/3 larger than Beta.

Untamed could end up being up to 90 different cards including all the airdrops.

14 Airdrops for untamed, released every 100K booster packs - big incentive to buy in early. Airdrops count if you buy through Peakmonsters site.

Pre-sale is already live on Splinterlands, so you can get packs now (can't open them till pre-sale is over) and be in all airdrops without having to go through the kickstarter. This is a good option if you are not interested in the physical items or whatever. Splinterlands is already (at the time of writing this) showing over 43,000 pre-sales of packs - I'm not sure if this includes pack committed in the kickstarter campaign or not.

Stats for leveling up and maxing out cards not released yet.

Summary of Packages: (ignore the names used for the pack levels.)

Note, you can get multiple of a certain level - e.g. 5 x $10 pack.

  • $1 level - basically a donation.

  • $2 - also a donation.

  • $5 - starter pack (in reality a half price starter pack - not bad value - an account and virtual untamed cards)

  • $10 - one of the best value. starter pack, 4 boosters and sticker pack.

  • $35 - All the above plus a T-shirt (not actually the friendly giant, but blue with logo) 7 booster packs.

  • $85 - The first that includes the book. 200ish page coffee table book could be a $40 to $50 value plus 15 Booster packs.

  • $200 - All of the above, plus in game acheivement, plus Physical Deck of cards - 70 booster packs. ($150 of digital value plus all the physical items)

  • $500 - 200 booster packs, a foiled physical deck as well as all the above.

*$1000 - Getting 500 booster packs so digital value is equal there. An in-game title, that will be transferable, plus all the physical items. (This deal is sold out).

  • $2500 - All the above, 1350 booster packs, plus being added in to the book. (This deal is sold out).

  • $5000 - All the $2500 pack plus you get to design a legendary summoner, a max level standard summoner and 2700 packs. (This deal is sold out).

  • $10000 - All the above, plus more. Great value extras, but (This deal is sold out).


  • Mostly only existing players likely to participate.
  • A lot about the physical items.
  • Even if 100K pack sell on the site, kickstarter participants will get all the airdrops.
  • It is close to all the extra physical cards being added due to the amount raised so far

I didn't dwell too much on the higher packs as they have already sold out. Neal and Jarvie speculated that other packs could later be added to the campaign, but that is pure speculation. Also, most of these higher level packs are out of reach for most of us. I have already stretched my budget to the limit to sign up for the $200 level.

Other News:

  • Beta sold out from Splinterland - Beta tokens still available on Steem Engine - 100,000 packs still not opened. Prices are already much higher than $2.
  • Market prices of cards up 20% in the last few days.
  • Discussion about market liquidity that @jarvie had posted about recently from @peakmonsters account.

Here are a couple of post links related to this topic - Cost of silver league deck - The main post on this topic - Update post

  • Talking about the bulk purchase calculator on Peakmonsters and the usefulness of it.
  • Discussed some features they would like to add to the bulk buy and the calculator.
  • Discussed Neal's Flippening status video. Calculation has changed to buying BETA tokens from Steem Engine. The expected value (over a big number of packs) of opening packs is around on par to the expected card value. Market is acting very efficiently.

Free market economics and the efficient market theory on display here. Despite a complex eco-system of card values, DEC values, conversion to Steem, and the expected value of a card pack based on probability weightings, a very clear market equilibrium with little arbitrage opportunities exists. Fascinating for those interested in Economic Theory and market forces.

  • DEC - steady consistently against USD value
  • Discussed plans with @nealmcspadden for Herrons decks. He expects to have seperate decks for Beta and Untamed, but may combine if needed. High utility cards may cross over.
  • Spoke about the new rewards cards, particularly like the Beetle Queen with inspire added at max level.
  • Expecting with "Untamed" cards, some really awesome addition for max level cards - a big incentive to max out cards.
  • Max level cards, rarity of max cards will support the price of commons
  • Estimates: 73% common - 5.5million common's guess of 32 types of commons 171,000 BCX per common, 505 needed to max, 340 max level cards potential.
  • 100 to 150 Champion league players all chasing max level cards.

Next Podcast will be more about strategy. Will also discuss the Hearthstone issue and China.

I hope this summary is useful if you don't have the time or inclination to listen to the nearly 2 hour full podcast. Thanks to @nealmcspadden and @jarvie for sharing your thoughts with us in detail, and for mentioning my summary post in the @peakmonsters post - much appreciated.

See you in the gamified investment ecosystem known as Steemmonsters/Splinterlands.

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