A safe haven during crypto crashes

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With the current Crypto market crash we are undergoing, I updated the value of my holdings today with some trepidation. I have been tracking weekly my crypto assets ever since I found my way down the rabbit hole (right after the ATH). I knew this week would be bad, but this is all long term, weekly moves are not freaking me out or going to scare me off.


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1 asset on my list stood out:

portfolio crash.JPG

A few things to note, the $$$ values are in AUD. The %%% are all change from last week, and everything on that list is STEEM related. So, the million dollar question is...

What was the only STEEM investment that has increased in fiat value this week?

The only green in my portfolio is my Splinterlands card collection. The @steemmonsters (Splinterlands) ecosystem has been geared to add value and build a thriving economy in so many varied ways.

  • Each card is an NFT, and has provable scarcity, limited supply and value. They can be combined (reducing supply) traded, burnt or leased. Each card has its own economic supply and demand that creates value, and asset appreciation over time.
  • Trading presents opportunities - Sell cards you don't need to buy one's you do, or new booster packs for a shot at more valuable cards.
  • DEC economy - DEC can be earned from playing games, (with certain cards again more beneficial), burning cards, used as an ingame currency, won in tournaments, and externally exchanged via Steem Engine. It has been a strong, fairly stable asset and as its use cases continue to grow, so does its scarcity and value.
  • Leasing - Cards can be safely leased out, via the Peakmonsters marketplace. I have been dipping my toe iin the waters here, and currently have 9 cards leased out, earning $0.06 per day. Not much, but an income is an income, and that gives me a small side stash to buy more cards with to level up my deck.
  • Blog about your Splinterlands adventures on Splintertalk and you can earn both SPT token and STEEM. Where else but STEEM can you talk about a game, and earn from it? (aside from a tiny minority of popular YouTubers)

The Splinterlands eco-system is truly unique, in my opinion, and poised for significant growth in the years to come. The current booster packs (Beta edition) are about to run out, and these cards are not being reprinted in a new batch. The next edition of boosters will be a whole new range of cards. This will add a new dynamic to the game, the "old" cards will become rarer and more valuable over time, and the opportunities and excitement will only grow stronger.

Nice to find a green among a sea of red this week. Remember, this is not financial advice, do your own research.

Thanks for reading, see you on the Splinterlands.



I stopped to play the game but is cool you thrive there. ;)

It does consume a bit of time up, that's for sure. I went through a phase were it became a chore, but I am having fun with it (and profitably) at the moment.

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Glad the splinter-lands is working for you.

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Yes, they are certainly on a role.

Thank you for posting from the https://steemleo.com interface 🦁

The other thing i like about steemmonsters is that it takes in the money based on a dollar amount. That helps to stabilize the prices as well.

I think this is an often overlooked aspect. Steemmonsters is a great altenate onramp for fiat to crypto with Paypal integration and pricing in USD a point of difference and dtability in this bear market.

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