Steemit is "Moving on to a new place" Unless We Act, The New Steemi is Tron

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Basically, Ned sold out, and Justin bought. It was a legitimate purchase of an illegitimate stake on the STEEM blockchain. Welcome to the upgrade, from Steemit to Steemi.

Ned Gave Us A Hint

Ned basically gave us a little clue at the beginning of the AMA (ask me anything):

Obviously, yesterday was a little crazy, announcing basically Steemit has partnered with Tron. I basically sold all my shares of the company, I absolutely sold all shares in the company and it's moving on to a new place and it's going to be evolving and it's super exciting.

The new place is Tron. It's just a matter of time.

Moving on to a New Place

Some say Justin struck first by declaring on Twitter that he's moving dapps to the tron blockchain and issuing steem token swaps.


Then he backtracked and assured everyone on the AMA with Ned that he would support the STEEM chain, but then when asked this:


" least for now we don't have any plan to use our stake to vote for the content or the witness"

At Least For Now

This was the beginning of the whole mess. It came down to the witnesses' interpretation of four words: "at least for now". They believed he plans to vote out the witnesses... just not now. So they flipped out and implemented the soft-fork, preventing Justin from using his stake that he purchased with real dollars and the rest is history.

So did Justin really strike first? The witnesses clearly believed that a "hostile takeover" was imminent. Before they knew it, a hostile takeover happened. Self-fulfilling.

What do you think? Did the witnesses force his hand? Was he planning a hostile take over and assimilation into Tron?

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....the witness's decision (soft fork) is one of the most idiotic naive actions I've seen in years.
Justins reaction was equally over the top (but more understandable)

DPOS is an oligarchical structure, and therefore fundamentally flawed and unstable.
Might is right.

Nothing new, its been the same since steem started.

But, we are where we are, and I'm always in favor on non tyrannies (oligarchs will always lead to power plays, its the nature of the beast).

That was also my evaluation of what went down.

....this might cheer you up! lol

Steem wars part 1..The Empire has a hissy fit.

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Very good sum up. I agree.

" least for now we don't have any plan to use our stake to vote for the content or the witness"

Those 4 words "at least for now" were very wise to include in my eyes. If they were not there, and then at any point in the future any portion of that stake was used to vote for any content or any witness, a huge outcry would follow i.e. "you promised you wouldn't do that!"

Then, as a reaction to "broken promises" we could have all experienced the same thing that we now are, only in the future instead. Even if Justin Sun had no intention of ever voting with the stake, they were wise words to include in my opinon. Hopefully we can all make it past this... we'll see

Thank you @papa-pepper, always appreciate your opinion! Concerning the words "Right now"

they were wise words to include in my opinon

There might have been some wisdom for himself in not limiting his options, but not wisdom in negotiating his way into an already established community. Saying that he's not interested in governance, but also only pledging to maintain the social contract with Ned of not voting content or witnesses "right now" implies that he will leave that nuclear option open for himself in the future.

The first round of discussions between the witnesses and Justin seemed to go well. I heard the words "you got scammed by Ned". I almost fell out of my chair.

I think a sister chain with a new name is the only viable option, I don't see a serious future for STEEM as a token SWAP to TRON blockchain, I think most of the community would move to a new sister chain.

What about our ecosystem? Do they need to reprogram everything for TRON? I dont think they want. Personally I use STEEM ENGINE a lot and I think they rather want to be on a new sister chain then on TRON.

Also if we fork, then this time fork our STEEMIT INC and all ninja mined stake... its complicated but doable.


The Steem blockchain is currently being attacked by a central authority in order to take control of the witnesses. If you are not managing your witness votes, please consider setting @berniesanders as your witness voting proxy by clicking here to help restore the decentralization of Steem.

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