Steem wars part 1..The Empire has a hissy fit.

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Someone had to do it, and so it falls on my shoulders...
It's good to laugh in a crisis.

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Ah lucylin, you never fail to give me a chuckle. Brilliant!

I'm glad you enjoyed!

....your blog is getting a bit claustrophobic, getting harder to breath in

....the video?

goofball. lol.

....sometimes you gotta laugh to keep from crying.

When you left, i was but a student, now, i am the master.

Top 20 witnesses replaced

Use your anger, strike me down, i will become more powerful than you can imagine.

#21 witness gets into the top 20.

Doing really good

We have 11 witnesses in the top 20 now. Mind you, sun is powering up to regain control.

LOL back to our regular oligarchy that killed me at the end top stuff mate

lol- Cheers matey.

You should always express yourself in this manner! :)


Thanks for the heads up re the post : )
I bet you know what my favorite line is lol

I had to come back to comment and vote. Things are a bit glitchy still. The thought crossed my mind that they may have cut me off again. I am glad they didnt

They had no idea this clip would last forever as the most randomized shit ever when they made this movie. What is this from anyways? I don't fully understand what's going on here. I'm just here for the cards ;) Loving the human passion I'm seeing about this. Good? Bad? I'm just happy it's not a bot...

It's from the film ' Der Unterang' (or something

Stem wars pat 2 coming up hopefully - 'The witnesses strike back' lol

I'm glad you enjoyed, sir!

I just finished Justin Sun's Conversation with Witnesses.
I'm not surprised that we find ourselves in this position.
A bunch of people who don't know what are doing and no sense for negotiations or running business. On both sides. I would never trust them to manage my money.
Oh, wait?
It's too late, I did already.

I would never trust them to manage my money.
Oh, wait?
It's too late, I did already.


It always struck me as boys 'playing at' grown up business, to be honest.

I didn't trust them to manage my money.
Not including the present steem that is tied tied up here with my #newsteemparadigm malarkey, my other steem that I took away, and utilized , now values at around the $10.50 mark -per steem- if you calculate the earned money from that steem that I withdrew.

**Not a fortune , but still a lot more than hodling on for dear life.

...Gonna be interesting how profitable I can make the 'new project'.
So far, it's doing pretty good , and good for everyone on steem that I interact with.
(but the blocktrades 'trading embargo' on steem, isn't very good at all..)

the blocktrades 'trading embargo' on steem, isn't very good at all

sir @lucylin, I saw you transfer steem to blocktrade to receive your steem from exchange I guess. I trade steem on bittrex and can direct transfer my steem from bittrex exchange to my steem account and much cheaper fees, 0.1 steem only. same goes with binance. transfer through blocktrade to steem account take a little bit more than 0.1 steem..

Thanks for the info.

My trading is for fun, and giving back to steemians via steem - instead of just upvotes.

I'm not too worried about the cost .

(that fact that I don't have accounts in bittrex or binance has nothing to do with it! lol)

Thank you for pointing it out though!

thats a nice project you have ❤️ 😊

Thank you!
(and we might just need one, after the dust settles on this crisis.)

Oh dude! This is awesome! Best I've seen on this topic. Well done my friend!!!

steemian need to laugh more. steem never boring for me always supply me dramas. 😆

Oh, what a very fine use of that classic clip! Really well done, my friend! My whole day just got better...

I'm glad you enjoyed, matey!

Part 2 coming soon - Steem Wars - The witnesses strike back !

Damn, I knew I should have got in with the Drama Token crowd so I can dump you a bunch of Drama.

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Hahahahaa this is fucking AMAZING!

Blocktrades will open soon

LOL, this describes the situation perfectly.

Very funny! :-D


I don't even have words...

Oligopoly seems perfect at the point when compared to the mix signals coming from Justin's camp.


The ending is too true, ahahhahahh!
Thanks for the fun, @lucylin!
A huge hug!


Lol a steem classic👍

I'm glad you enjoyed!

Is lol. The Steemit drama is getting wild.

"Don't worry, we'll soon get back to our regular oligarchy."



I'm not sure what you're trying to say...

That it was hillarious

Ok, thats cool!

But how am I supposed to decipher that from 'square' 'square' 'square' 'square'? lol
(pssssst - I don't know how to make squares)

Crypto Briefing reached out to Ned Scott about the move by Tron. Surprisingly, the former CEO seemed supportive of the action by Justin Sun, saying that “witnesses/portion of the community literally stole its [Steemit Inc’s] coins. Steemit owed them nothing.” He continued, “Steemit owes no one anything and anything else is grasping at straws / bullying to get your way/power… Fact: no pre mine, no investors.”

The Steem community was outraged by Scott’s comments, saying that over Steem’s four-year history that the founder had promised that these coins would be used to “decentralize” and wouldn’t be used in voting.

Ha-Ha...!!! Among your best work so far buddy... Keep it up and you might be in the running for an 'Independent Short' award...???

Thanks for sharing on @hive-168088 as well (FreeSpeech Community) Much appreciated.


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