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RE: @spinvest-leo Update 8 - bedding down changes, SPI payout.

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If I delegate the LEO that I currently have staked, does that mean I will no longer get curation rewards on upvotes I make on posts that use the LEO tag?

Can you give an example of the returns in each situation for, say 500 LEO?

I don't know where to start to work out the difference. 😁


If you are actively curating with your LEO, your return will be higher. I'm at work now but I'll do some maths and get back to you tomorrow.

You are right, if you delegate all your LEO you will no longer earn LEO curation rewards.

I'll get back to you.

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Thank you!

I'm trying hard to educate myself about such things. 😁

Ok, so my LEO voting power is around 1000 LEO. My upvote is worth 0.293 LEO. 10 votes per day is 2.93 LEO half (roughly) for curation reward is 1.465. 7 days per week is 10.255. 1 LEO = 0.2 STEEM currently. STEEM Value of LEO earnings is 2.051. Delegated to spinvest-leo, that 1000 LEO would earn 1 SPI per week - STEEM value 1.20.

For 500 LEO, if you only ever vote for LEO tagged posts, your 500 LEO would earn around 1 STEEM worth of LEO each week. Or 0.6 STEEM worth of SPI.

So if you vote 100% for LEO posts, your better off not delegating. If your LEO power is not fully being used, you may be better of delegating.

Also, it is not an all or nothing proposition. You could delegate part of the 500, and keep some for voting for curation. Choice is yours.

I hope this helps you understand. This service offers a choice for people to use their LEO stake passively to mine SPI rather than actively curating. We also aim to steadily build the base of LEO tokens that @spinvest-leo owns over time.



Thanks for the figures. I'll take a closer look at them at the weekend. I've no idea if my LEO power is being fully used but I would guess not. I'm not even sure where to look. 😂

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