Looking at 5 YEARS from now over here and Imma pretty much buy whatever I can get if I get my hands on some cash.

we're going to BTC $420 and back!

Are you serious sir? I dont know what i say :S

I'm serious, look at the price now, going down!! Unless BTC can prove me wrong this is the never-ending new trend!

Cornoa ateck to btc

There is no way BTC will go to $420. I personally don’t see it going under 3k.

Never say never. Where there's a will, there's a way!! $420 is only a hop, skip, and a jump from 3K! Lotta people already saying 1K, so I think it can go all the way!! At 20K did u ever think it could hit 3K again? It's no big deal, just be ready if it happens and buy some Bitcoins!!

If it does hit $420 I will be happy cus I don’t actually hold any BTC and I would buy as much I can under 1k but don’t think it will go that low but it is possible. I see it bouncing around in the 3-6k mark till the coronavirus blows over. Only time will tell, have those bags ready if it does cus when all this does blow over BTC will rise again.

Loading up on BTC this morning, set progressively lower buy orders that were already hit throughout the day which is bringing my averaging down.

As for steem, who knows really? Internal, external problems... Just going to get steem from posting rather than buying I think!

This is the payfay friday pump and dump! Unless the virus problem is cured, i expect another 1000 dollar drop this weekend! This is precisely the kind of ded cat bounce I was talking about shorting in my post?? This is chasing here, Good luck!

I'm playing the long game so for me, weekly accumulating at these prices is like gold dust. Never thought we'd reach these levels again if I'm honest. My average cost was £6,500... after this morning, it's gone down to £6,000 average so that's a win in my book. Anything below my average cost is load up time!

With the virus, if you look at the numbers, the peak has already been reached in China and the number of new cases was starting to reduce last time I looked. But of course, not everyone does their own research as is obvious from the supermarkets!

Stay ahead of the heard. Happy accumulating 😀

That stand correct. Not every dip is profitable. Especially now, all the support has broken, technically there's no renounce point. What I can see is, may be average down do the cost averaging to fight for best deal to go in.

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Yeah nibble a little here and there, but hope for total meltdown!! Imaging picking up some btc for 20 - 45 bucks again for a short time!! lol This is a blessing and a curse, so take advantage very slowly. We will all know when the coast is clear!! If the coast ever clears up that is?? This dip is history in the making!!

Hopefully it up

for you

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