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RE: Introducing the Leo Bid Bot Sink! | Delegate & Earn Passive LEO Each Day + Help the Steemleo Community By Burning LEO Tokens

in #steemleo4 years ago

I guess this is the reason leo is the investment part of steem I love the fact that we’re having more ways to earn and burn tokens! Reducing circulation and providing value is what’s going to set this tribe apart! First of many sinks yet to come im sure

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Haha you could definitely say that! We've got a lot more plans for sinks and they are going to blow some minds and burn some tokens ;)

Thank you for supporting, appreciate it so much. Let's build this community to the moon #steemleo 🚀

Yea this is actual smartsteem unlike that other guy 🐺 I'll keep an eye on this for sure. Well done again Leo 🦁

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Lets take this baby for a spin, delegated 100 SP

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