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The idea of making an income passively is one that has flown through the minds of nearly everyone who has ever given a shred of thought to their personal finances.

The idea is simple, on the surface...

Make an income while you sleep.
Make an income while you work.
Make an income elsewhere.

It's not rocket science. You're working hard to make an income that will eventually lead to greater freedoms in your personal and business lifestyle.

Traditionally, I have always thought of earning an income as from investments.

What I mean by this is that I always considered the best way to make income (outside of having a "day job") is to invest money into things that pay off a steady and growing income over time.

Things like dividend paying stocks or even steem.

To me, Steem has always been at the forefront in my investing journey. I have thought of Steem as a great way to make long-term profits (on a rising STEEM price) as well as "short-term" gains from the "dividends" you earn as a SP holder and curator.

Nowadays, I am renewed with a fresh perspective.

Yes, STEEM offers this opportunity and yes, I have worked hard to capitalize on it.

There are, however, other opportunities out there and at some point diversification becomes a necessity.

That day has come and diversification into not only other cryptos but things outside of the blockchain space has become paramount.


Great thoughts about passive income @asteroids, and as "Rich Dad" said it's all about "Cashflow", positive casflow puts money in your pocket, and if you reinvest at least half into more positive cashflow it just keeps on growing, keep up your awesome work.

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