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"The Asteroid Files are an archive of my detailed, real-time accounts as a cryptocurrency trader. I am not one for posting frequently, but a friend told me to do a fun little series on how I trade, what I trade and why I trade. Maybe this could turn into something fun. Maybe not.

Either way, I'm going to enjoy myself and tie in some fun science fictiony type of stuff with my daily trading endeavors.

Hopefully I can either bring some direct value via entertainment or my sheer trading awesomeness. Regardless, anything you read in my files are not to be taken as financial advice, as that would be wildly irresponsible.

Invest at your own risk and seek help if you are not experienced. My posts are for entertainment purposes only, especially considering that the title of this series is about asteroids which has absolutely nothing to do with trading... or does it?"

Asteroids Portfolio Snapshot:

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 7.42.53 PM.png

Markets Looking Up

LEO is still up 400%... Is that insane or is that insane?

When you look at all these various tribe tokens, it's pretty obvious that they are having a hard time hodling their value.

Is this a lack of userbase?

A lack of interaction?

A lack of burning?

A lack of x, y, z... you name it?

The fact of the matter is that all these tokens (including STEEM itself) have significant levels of inflation.

If the tribes (also known as businesses) do not pick up the slack by driving revenue, they'll end up like Steemit:

Slowly bleeding value in the underlying token.

Steemleo is a community that I believe in... obviously..

I see what the founder is doing and I see where the team is taking the project.

But enough tribe talk.. Crypto markets are looking up today.

Even Steem is seeing a couple % rise in value and many other cryptos that I am invested in are seeing similar rises.

Just check the portfolio!

Not a bad day when you wake up to some green :)

Most of the positions are performing well compared to Steem which is what I am mainly looking for.


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