Bitcoin to Rally This Holiday Season?

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It’s crazy that this December marks a 2-year anniversary since the crazy bull-run that we saw in December 2017.

I feel like it was just yesterday. I feel the memory so fondly of when we saw crypto make a moon shot. Bitcoin and the alts rallied to ridiculous highs and I felt the power of cryptocurrency and the opportunity that it presented.

Although things have come down a lot since that bull run, the opportunities remain intact. With the bull in hibernation, I still find myself with countless opportunities to thrive thanks to cryptocurrency technology.

Blockchain is not going anywhere.
Bitcoin is not going anywhere.

These technologies are here to stay and there is a good reason for that. There are so many use cases and so many various implementations that we have yet to experience.

In countries like Venezuela, we can see first-hand accounts of how horrible monetary policies can negatively impact citizens. Real people. Struggling on a day to day basis because of corrupt governments.

The development and adoption of Bitcoin is a matter of time. The development continues. Adoption slowly grows overtime. It’s all moving forward.

Right now it’s simply a waiting game. We must rally our troops, get to our corners and build on the opportunities which are presented to us. If we do this and do it successfully, then the crypto space will catch up in time and our hard work pays off in spades.

I just love the idea of working on something that will change the world. Bitcoin might rally this December or it my not. Either way, I get the opportunity of a lifetime to work on something that is eternally interesting!


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