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first the disclaimer, as this is important. I'm not a professional and my articles shall be taken as they are, they are not investment advise as it can go wrong for your from different aspects that I'm not aware.

Inspired by @steemmatt, I will try to show you that you can make some more on the side only from hustling. He is doing in a very nice way, by running down the streets and getting abandoned stuff again in work for people who need it.

Here if I go around, I might get some empty bottles which than can be exchanged for cash at the supermarket.

So my challenge will be to start with no money and will try to build a side gig which will grow a budget that I can invest in one year in something that makes money without to much work.

I will start with free stuff that people post on ebay and try to sell it for a profit after I do clean it or change it somehow.


I know, you might say if people gave it for free, give it also for free. I don't think this is the right approach because I think I help the people who are giving up stuff for free, they need it gone and I solve their problem. Try to think of yourself as a problem solver for others.

So, like said I will start with free stuff that can be sold, moving towards to more expensive stuff that is available and which can be flipped for a higher margin.

So next week I will come up with the progress and what I took from ebay and was sold, if something was sold.

Do you have a side hustle? If yes, please describe it.

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Interesting Idea! At the moment is my side hustle only Splinterlands :D
But some years ago I also sold alot of stuff from my home on ebay and it was really cool because then I had more space and also I got a little extra money.
And two years ago when the Fidget Spinner Hype started I also orderet many of them cheap from china and sold it in Switzerland three times more wich was still a really good price for the buyers.

I will do this as a second step when I get some traction from Ebay.

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This is AWESOME. With this logic and approach, you will succeed and have a great story to share. Keep tagging me or letting me know when you post so I can follow along. I haven't dealt with cans, but if you think about how much household stuff there is here, imagine mountains of cans and bottles. There are so much of them that there are operations of immigrants who collect them all over and big rental trucks come and scoop up endless full plastic bags of them to recycle in mass... AND there's tons left over.

It all starts with your vision, first few dollars, and then the mindset/disciple prevails to compound it on autopilot.

Once we bought some remnant stuff that was sold very cheap in a department store (we drove across the city to all stores to get the last pieces) and sold them with a nice profit on ebay.

Your idea seems quite time consuming. You need a lot of spare time for this I guess.

What about this idea I heard recently about? Outsource your own job to a Chinese who takes less than a fifth of your salary!

I would definitely do it. I still did not found the way to send someone else to take care of my job. I still am directly connected to the end customer and need my methods. For sure I would pay someone else to do my job, this is a no brainer for me. I think I'm the most capitalist guy in her, where work is paid for and smart choices even more.

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