First steps of investing - time as an asset

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in my basic investing series I talk about principles that helped me learn to invest. I'm not a professional and my articles shall be taken as they are, they are not investment advise as it can go wrong for you from different aspects that I'm not aware.

Today I want to talk about time as an asset. It is the asset we all have and it is distributed equally. Everyone gets 24 hours in the same day. The difference is what you make out of it. Most of the people in the world are unfortunate and need to spent this 24 hours to survive. The region where they have been born simply doesn't offer normal opportunities.

This is not for those poor souls. If you can read this, you are on the other side where you can change and use those 24 hours in a better way or a different one, to be more precise.

If you have Netflix, quit it and with the time gained, as that money is merely nothing, do something for you and your family. If you watch Netflix in the evening stop and go to sleep and wake up the next day earlier and do some sports or read. Do the hardest task in the morning.

I still need to work on my time management as I'm highly inefficient. This I can say after tuning my time in the past years. I do linger and waste a lot of time or work on tasks I should not be working.

As a tip, most say to have a to do list. As a personal tip, I have a not to do list. There is written, no facebook besides saying happy birthday and checking special groups for networking and events, no TV, which I stick to as we don't have a cable or TV subscription. We have a TV, but mostly for the guests that come.

Try to do such a no to do list yourself. You will save a lot of time and money in the end, which can be invested.


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Timing too plays a major important role in investing

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