Introducing Steem Leagues | Earn Steem By Participitating In Steem Based Cricket Leagues | Bidding Team Is Now Only 5 SBD

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I would like to announce a new game "Steem Leagues". It is cricket based on steem, there's lot to explain so let's jump right into it.

What Is Steem Leagues?

Steem Leagues is cricket based on steem. People can hire virtual cricketers and play matches against each other in different leagues. Each league will have 12 teams and they will have matches with each other through a bot, I made. Everything will be 100% fair. Each match has 10 players instead of 11 and each player can bat one time. Match is all done randomly by bot and no one has control over it. You'll be receiving information of match ball by ball in match's post.

Where To Start?

Steem Leagues, will start from 7 days from now till then you can bid for teams. In first Steem League there are gonna be 12 teams with 10 players in each team. Teams are limited that's why there is gonna be auction in this post. Starting price will be 5 SBD for team. Each user can only hire maximum of 2 teams and this teams will only be of you for 1 league. Top 12 bidders will get teams. If you want to hire two teams you can comment something like "10 SBD for 2 teams". You must also provide a name for your team in your bid. I'll be using it in future schedules.

When Will It Start?

After the payouts of this post. We will hopefully have 12 teams ready, so I'll post schedule which will have matches between teams. Each day we will have 2 matches. More details about schedule will be in upcoming posts in @steemleagues. Make sure to follow him.


Bot that handles that matches is made in Python. If you're python developer you might know that python has "random" module which has randint. To make it random everytime I have done something like:

random_number = [1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4, 0 , 6]
random_run = random_number[randint(0, 9)]

It will return random runs. Other than that you have 10% chance of getting out on each ball, 10% for hitting six, 20% chance of hitting 4, 3, 2 and 1.

Every run is added to total runs and bot is constantly checking if maximum balls are reached. If maximum balls are reached or all batsmen get out next team will start batting. If second team chases the runs then match will be finished, if overs get over and target is not chased or all batsmen get out without chasing the target then first team will win. After winning the match rewards will be distributed. 

How Will Be Rewards Distributed?

40% (20 Steem if all teams are sold) of all money gotten by team hiring will be sent to team who will win final. In each match there will be a winning reward which is 1 Steem. After every match "winning reward" will be sent to winning team. There is also gonna be runs reward which will also be going to winning team in every match. Each run will give you 0.005 Steem so if you scored 200 runs and won. You will get 1 Steem + 1 Steem as a match reward and promotion to next match because of the system you will still probably get back investment even if you don't win final. Additional rewards that are earned by match posts are also divided between two teams that had match.

How To Bid For Team?

Biddings will be in comments of this post. The starting bid is 20 SBD so you can start with that. If 12 people bid 20 SBD then all 12 people will get 1 team. They will be also asked to name the players or add existing cricket player to their team which will be absolutely free. If 1 person bids bids 25 SBD and 12 people bid 20 SBD then person with 25 SBD bid and 11 early bidders who bid 20 SBD will get team. This is first league so system can be a bit tricky but hopefully everything planned will be handled greatly.

How Will Be Matches Schedule?

Team 1 Vs Team 2 = Winner Of Match 1

                                             VS                       =  Winner Of Match 7

Team 3 Vs Team 4 = Winner Of Match 2

                                                                                           VS                        = Winner Of Match 11

Team 5 Vs Team 6 = Winner Of Match 3

                                             VS                       =  Winner Of Match 8                             VS   = Winner

Team 7 Vs Team 8 = Winner Of Match 4

                                                                                           VS                          = Winner Of Match 12

Team 1 Vs Team 2 = Winner Of Match 5

                                             VS                       =  Winner Of Match 9

Team 3 Vs Team 4 = Winner Of Match 6

One team will randomly selected after wining two matches.

Any Demo?

I have tested the bot in this post. So you can check out how mechanics work a little more and as you can see bot is working fine and is all random. Match was stopped with only first inning because @steemleagues doesn't have that much SP at the moment. Before league will start I will increase it. Other than that comments are upvoted, I will put it in post next time so that people will not upvote comments.

How Do I Know What Is Going Between Match?

As said above, you will be receiving updates in comments of each post of match. I will try to make a bot that can respond to comments in future.

Biddings Till Now

1. Sqamemal - 5 SBD - "Hodlers"

2. Okean123 - 5 SBD - Not Named Yet

Let's Start Proof Of Game!


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Nice Post👍😉

Thanks for removing the flag. Will try not to use those bots again.

Sigueme y te sigo gracias!!

Sigueme y te sigo gracias!!

very good article
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Cricket on steemit , amazing concept. It is a bit complicated to understand, but hopefully cricket lovers would participate in it. Good luck.

Thanks for welcoming this new game in kind words. Yeah, there won't be any thing hard to understand if you're a cricket lover. I am gonna work on other sports too if this gets some success.

good writing~ voting complete

is this a fair game? how can we count on this?

I always find your posts refreshful and immaculately clean of the contrived eagerness of some Steemit advocates and honestly filled with genuine enthusiasm. I also appreciate the deeper, more open-minded and philosophical way you look at things and your passion for truth.

Sigueme y te sigo gracias!!

Sigueme y te sigo gracias!!

I actually agree with you on your comment but I will want us to be aware that close to 50percent steemians know little or nothing about cricket and due to this reason,I will like to direct my question to @anonian that what plans does he has in making every interested steemians know much about this cricket game?....Also, in a case where much of those interested in the game can't afford 20sbd,what happens, do you have any backup plan for that?

Okay; cool to hear that🎩

Okay... Nice response from you@anoniam

this is it, thumbs up for this kid-celebrating.gif,,,

good replay dear @rex1442

Good article. Great idea. Not much into cricket, but this setup could easily translate to other sports.

Interesting idea. Cannot wait to see it in action.

Will there be UI for this application?

O wow, it looks really interesting.
I would love to play this kind of game.
I just have one question. Were you inspired by PSL?

I don’t know much about cricket 🏏 but sounds fun...

yes you are right...thank you boss

awesome reply Dear @doccrypto


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