SteemKURE - Curation Network for Steemit Users (Dev Announcement)

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Hello everyone!

I wanted to announce the project I've been slowly working on since the end of September, called SteemKURE. I've worked on it mostly at the end of October and beginning of November, but it's half-way ready to release a working beta functionality to get people to start using it.

What is SteemKURE?

Since I joined Steemit, I knew curation was a big part of the platform that we all need to participate in. But it can be cumbersome to do with all the new posts that take time to go through. What if people could more easily be aware of what other people vote for who's judgment we value more? What if we wanted to find someone like that, judging by their upvotes or what they like? This is the idea I came up with to make this easier for everyone.

SteemKURE is where you can go to create your own Curation Projects and follow others! You make up your own criteria. You manage who can add posts to your Curation List. Anyone else can follow your lists, and upvote the content you curate onto the list. Yes, hopefully that means whales will follow people's lists (or create their own as well), since they hold most of the reward power on the platform.

My goal is to make content easier for everyone to find, by all of us sharing the content we like and want others to upvote, through the creation of our own curation lists where others can freely choose to follow our lead, or start one of their own.

Set your own standards for quality, and let other's who share the same valuations, join in to support that content!


  • Create your own Curation Project Lists
  • Create your own criteria for adding to your list
  • Upvote any post on any list
  • Browse and read any post from here
  • Follow lists (anyone)
  • Submit posts to lists (for review)
  • Add posts to other lists (if you have editor/mod access)
  • Be notified of new posts added to lists (anyone)
  • And more features to think of and develop, like integrating Curation Guilds (planned but needs to be worked out)... who knows!

Right now, there are great curation projects, but you, the regular people who submit posts, aren't the one's who decide what the criteria are. Not everything you upvote is necessarily belonging to a specific curation project that exists. Some great content is not legible because it's not from a new enough user.

Even if you create your own curation lists, you might not want to add all the posts you upvote to a curation list for others to upvote as well, who knows, but you will be able to choose each time you upvote: do you want to add this post to one of your Curation Lists? Sometimes I vote to support people, not because I really value their content and want it to be curated on by others. In that case, I wouldn't add it to my list. It's not simply "Following" someone on You have more control with an added meta-layer of functionality for how you want the content you vote for to be seen by others.

Is this annoying, as there is another site apart from Maybe for now, but I will be developing a Chrome extension to allow voting to SteemKURE from This will eventually come. For now, you will be able to browse content, upvote it, add it to an existing list or create a new one, from SteemKURE alone.

Here are some screenshots... not much to see other than the basics... hehe:

Main Site

Kurate Section

Does KURE stand for anything? Well... I have a working-definition for the acronym: Kindred United to Reward Excellence (or Everyone). "Curation", is rooted in "cure", and that is rooted to "care". Care is rooted in "kind, kin and kindred". Kindred etymologically fits with the whole theme and purpose of the project :)

Most of us here are all kindred in the community, helping to make the Steemit platform a success (even if some here don't share this care and goal). I wrote about the community aspect and the importance of quality curation in this early post shortly after I joined Steemit: "Steemit Succeeds if We Make it Succeed"

Development is funded by myself. I don't run a witness (yet). I have not purchased a server to host this yet.

If you would like to help this project succeed, please help upvote this post, reblog, share it, and you can also contact me if you want to offer help (code? donate?), chat or whatever!

Well that's it for now, still working on it each day. I will keep you updated.

Thank you for your time, attention and support! Take care. Peace.

P.S. What do you think of my caduceus staff medical cure symbol constructed from the Steem/Steemit symbol itself? Pretty nice, right? The only part that isn't made from the Steem squiggles, is the orb/sphere and the staff in the middle!

Author: Kris Nelson / @krnel
Contact: [email protected]
Date: 2016-11-10, 6:21am EST


I think the logo is fantastic and is very appropriate for the current state of steem. I'll be watching this for sure

I hope you're not mistaking it with the Rod of Asclepius

Congratulations, it looks very nice, I will certainly look into it :)

yes very interesting project @krnel, one which clearly will have legs as curation is a complicated business. So any thing which helps people administer more finely their curation is a good thing ! Upvoted and resteemed. )

Thanks for the feedback and support :D

Great idea. I like the symbol too:)

Looking good. Look forward to more details and progress. Shared on twitter

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Excellent initiative!
Looking forward for updates :)

Thanks :) I hope it becomes of use for many people and helps our overall ability to use the platform.

You want to know in my opinion what is the best part of this voting club that makes it stand up above others? (way too many others)

You actually have a logo that makes sense! The caduceus is a perfect pick.

:D Thanks for the feedback.

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like the logo but i cant vote so curation isnt possible.