Knowing SteemKitchen issue no 9 : Interview with @wisejg

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Knowing SteemKitchen Interview with a member of the SteemKitchen community.

Hello friends of Steemit, today we continue our article series in our community, Knowing SteemKitchen.

Today we are going to interview, @wisejg. One of our newer members of SteemKitchen. Who was also the recent winner of our first contest

1 Who is @wisejg?, how did you find steem and how long on the platform? ADD Photo

The name behind wisejg is Jesus Gonzalez. that's why it's the "jg" after the "wise"

I met steemit by a friend @takeru255 who told me a lot about it until finally I registered on the page about 9 months ago.

2 Where are you from and what do you do?

I live in Venezuela, in the city of Barquisimeto. I am a student of administration.

3 Who / What led you to our community?

Again another steemian told me about @steemkitchen. His name is @joluco123 and when I finally made a recipe I joined. and now I'm here hehe.

4 Do you have a favorite Cuisine?

My favorite cuisine is the asian.

5 What do you like most about this community?

This is an easy one . What i like most is there's always you gonna meet new people with a really good taste for food. and of course people who help. Recently I ask for help. I don't know the name of one ingredient, and many came to help me in the search.

6 What is your favorite food style and why?

Again the Asian. Cause even when i'm not taste all of the flavors they have a lot of dishes. really a lot... I think they even have a dish for eat cloud lol

Look at this : Century egg source

I never ate something like this. I encourage you to read more about century egg and then you gonna notice how crazy and weird is asian food

7 What is your favorite dish you cook for family and friends? ADD Photo and or link to recipe post

I'm usually the one who cooks at home. I don't have a photo of the dish but in particular I think it is delicious. The chow mein Recipe link:Chow mein


8 Name 5 ingredients that you always use in your preparations. ### Add photos if possible

the 5 ingredients that I always use: garlic, onion, salt, cumin, lemon

Lemon adopted recently. I worked for 2 years in an Arab food restaurant and they use lemon in many preparations.

9 Share with us your introduceyourself post or a post you loved writing.

10 Do you want to Shout out to any Steemers that you love and we should go check out?


I have seen this profile for a while. The reason is that it shares vegan recipes and I really don't know anything about vegan food.

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@wisejg I'm so proud to be the one that opened the door for you in this plataform and now I feel even more proud from you to be able to win your first SK contest with your awesome work.

Keep the good work!


Thank you for introducing @wisejg.... We love his content here in our community