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Hello great people of #steemjet, I'm here again with yet another interesting piece... A design.
As many of you know, I made a pencil drawing of the new steemjet mini-logo design in a previous post and I made mention of wanting to leave it in pencil mode... but...

here I am, changing my mind


This design was gotten from the former design and I wanted to see how this would look on a business card, hand-out and even guys can try it out and see...and so I gave it a not-too-dark-mature color... seriously I love it...

Each details in the pencil-art design are on it with a little pinch of advancement.

I sincerely hope it is acceptable to the community

... oh! And I just want to use this opportunity to thank the sponsors and officials of the #steemit-steemjet-crypto awareness programme that was just held yesterday...

steemjet uniuyo.jpg

you guys did great!

Now people can actually invest in liquid currency after intense convincing was done at the programme...
I hope to be one of those that surely strives to achieve the steemjets' goal which is global steem-crypto adoption.

I remain @joseid

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