Magical Vial - Short Fiction

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I write this fiction in response to how SteemJet is looking for it's newbie to participate in writing stories and fiction. Hope you like it. This is just a short piece of work also known as nanofiction


The blue droplet mixed well with the colorless liquid in the vial. The beauty of it astounded the eyes of all five of us present in the room.

It was very difficult to imagine that something as beautiful as this bright blue liquid in the hands of the evil can bring our world to end. This was why it became extremely crucial to protect the lab from the eyes of these unwanted people.

I studied the dial on the device. The reading were precise and exactly what we wanted and expected it to be.

"Well, it's a success." I smiled as I exclaimed.

The others who were holding their breath until now let out a sigh of relief and started to clap their hands.

We were congratulating each other, hugging and patting each other's shoulders when we heard the sound of the gunshots.

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